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  • November 5th, 2018:  Creation of a list of historical astronomy data:
Dear Colleagues,
Over the past decades and even centuries, the astronomical community has accumulated a significant amount of historical records of observations of the Sun, stars and other astronomical objects. Those records contain irreplaceable information about long-term evolutionary and non-evolutionary changes in our Universe, and clearly need to be preserved so that researchers can access and exploit them.  As a first step in that process, we are creating an inventory of historical data which members of the astronomical community consider to be worthy of preservation.  Most such records are analogue ones (plates, film, paper, books) but can include primitive magnetic tapes (e.g., those lacking recognizable formatting) or other early digital data. 
Through this letter, we solicit input from the community as to which data exist that you feel merit consideration for preservation, the current state of those data (e.g., digitized or not) or of any associated metadata, and their current location.
You can provide your input via this web form:  https://goo.gl/forms/lphoIfquXRtvSfrm2
Please share this invitation with colleagues who may be able to contribute to our inventory and who for whatever reason may not receive it through the IAU mailing.
Alexei Pevtsov
IAU Inter-Division B-E WG on Coordination of Synoptic Observations of the Sun
On behalf of informal working group on historical astronomy data, which includes Elizabeth Griffin, Joan Burkepile, Valentin M Pillet, Sarah Gibson, David Webb, Frederic Clette, Jim Hesser, Andres Munoz-Jaramillo, Peter Stetson, Frank Hill, Rick Bogart, and Dana Longcope.



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