Administrative Dates & Deadlines


Apr 21 Communication of Complete GA Agenda to the National Members
Apr 16 -
Apr 20
Executive Committee Meeting # 100 Vienna
Apr 15 Notification of the Adoption of any Proposed Modifications to the Budget Distributed to the National Members
Apr 10 Opening of Division Elections
Apr 9 Grants Communicated to Grantees
Apr 1 Deadline for Proposals to Host the General Assembly in 2024
Mar 31 Grant Evaluations Forwarded to GS + AGS for Final Allocation
Mar 31 DEADLINE for Applications for the Gruber Foundation Fellowship
Mar 26 -
Apr 11
40th International School of Young Astronomers (ISYA 2018) Cairo
Mar 24 -
Mar 28
CAP 2018 CAP Conference: Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2018 Fukuoka
Mar 24 Call for Proposals for Official Endorsement for IAU100 Special Projects
Mar 15 DEADLINE for Approved Nominations for Individual Members to be Submitted to the IAU Secretariat by NCAs or Adhering Organizations and subsequently nominations are transferred to the Membership Committee
Mar 15 Closure of Candidate Applications for Division Elections
Mar 1 DEADLINE for Items Submitted to go on the EC Agenda
Feb 28 GA Grant Submission Closes - SOC Evaluation Starts
Feb 21 Submission to the General Secretary of Motions of a Scientific or Administrative Character without Financial Implications, to be Placed on the GA Agenda
Feb 21 Communication of Motions to Amend Statutes and Bye-Laws to the National Members
Feb 21 Submission of Motions to Modify the Proposed Budget or Any Other Matters Pertaining to it, to the General Secretary (before the General Assembly)
Feb 15 Call to Commission Membership for At-Large Organizing Committee Candidates
Feb 15 DEADLINE for Commission Organizing Committees to submit to parent Divisions/s a report on their activities along with recommendation as to whether the Commissions should be continued for another three years, or merged with one or more other Commissions, or discontinued. WGs and Divisions should also supply tri-annual reports.


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