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1. 2021-2024 IAU Triennium: Grants for early-career scholars

IAU Commission C3, as the primary constituent and coordinating arm of ICHA (InterUnion Commission for History of Astronomy, which is based in the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology) administers a very modest grant scheme to help early-career scholars (PhD students and young postdocs) with partial travel support to conferences. 

The Commission's total annual budget fluctuates between 1,000 and 2,000 EUR and allows the Commission to allot four to five such grants annually. The grant application form is available at ICHA_Grant_application.docx and the grant reimbursement form is ICHA_Grant_reimbursement.docx.

Applications can be sent any time to the Commission President, and the decision is taken by the Organizing Committee of IAU Commission C3.

2. International Marc-Auguste Pictet Prize 2023 on the History of Astronomy & Astrophysics

for a contribution in the field: 

The Universe’s history as unveiled through Observational Cosmology


The Prize rewards an outstanding contribution in History of Science (book or dissertation) in the specified field, unpublished or published after the end of 2018. It is dedicated preferably to a scholar still in an early stage of his or her career. 

The 2023 Prize is endowed with an amount of CHF 10,000.

The text must be written in English or French. It should include a summary of less than 2,000 words.

The work should be received before December 17 2022, along with its summary, the author’s curriculum vitae and a cover letter, preferably as electronic files deposited on the website:

The applicants should send an email (subject ”MAP 2023 Prize submission”) to the European Astronomical Society ( - in charge of the reception process on behalf of the SPHN -, to confirm their submission (electronic or as printed material). The printed documents can be sent to :

M.-A. Pictet Prize 2023

SPHN, Museum d’Histoire naturelle

Case postale 6434, CH-1211 Geneve 6


The applications will be reviewed by an international panel of experts in the field of the 2023 Prize, acting under the responsibility of the SPHN. The Prize will be awarded in Geneva, early in 2023, if possible in the presence of the winner, invited by the SPHN to attend the ceremony.

The site provides information about the history of the Prize. For more details, contact the Chair at

The Chair of the SPHN

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