Resolutions adopted at the General Assemblies





1922 All French PDF file, 505 KB
1925 All French PDF file, 709 KB
1928 All English/French PDF file, 1.38 MB
1932 All French PDF file, 763 KB
1935 All French PDF file, 470 KB
1938 All English/French PDF file, 1.34 MB
1948 All English/French PDF file, 1.42 MB
1958 All French PDF file, 582 KB
1961 All English/French PDF file, 1.53 MB
1964 All English/French PDF file, 1.04MB
1967 All English/French PDF file, 885 KB
1970 All English/French PDF file, 932 KB
1973 All English/French PDF file, 957 KB
1976 All English/French PDF file, 1.24 MB
1979 All English/French PDF file, 843 KB
1982 All English/French PDF file, 1017 KB
1985 All English/French PDF file, 1.4 MB
1988 All English/French PDF file, 871 KB
1991 All English/French PDF file, 1.26 MB
1994 All English/French PDF file, 1.31 KB
1997 All English/French PDF file, 755 KB
2000 All English/French PDF file, 984 KB
2003 All English/French PDF file, 156 KB
2006 Resolution B1: "Precession Theory and Definition of the Ecliptic" English PDF file, 149 KB
French PDF file, 93 KB
Resolution B2: "Supplement to the IAU 2000 Resolutions on reference systems" English PDF file, 68 KB
French PDF file, 79 KB
Resolution B3: "Re-definition of Barycentric Dynamical Time, TDB" English PDF file, 71 KB
French PDF file, 65 KB
Resolution B4: "Endorsement of the Washington Charter for Communicating Astronomy with the Public" English PDF file, 59 KB
Resolutions B5 and B6: "Definition of a Planet in the Solar System" AND "Pluto" English PDF file, 92KB
French PDF file, 27 KB
All English/French PDF file, 304 KB
2009 All English PDF file, 237 KB
All French PDF file, 62 KB
2012 Resolutions B1, B2, B3 and B4 English PDF file, 127 KB
  Resolution B1: "Sur les recommendations concernant les désignations et spécifications des bandes passantes astronomiques en photométrie optique et infrarouge" French PDF file, 114 KB
  Resolution B2: "Re-définition de l’unité astronomique de longueur" French PDF file, 207 KB
  Resolution B3: "Sur l'établissement d'un système international d'alerte avancée des corps géocroiseurs" French PDF file, 116 KB
  Resolution B4: "Sur la restructuration des Divisions de l'UAI" French PDF file, 109 KB
2015 All English PDF file, 211 KB
All French PDF file, 271 KB
2018 Resolution A1: "on the IAU Strategic Plan 2020-2030" English PDF file, 98 KB
    French PDF file, 73 KB
  Resolution B1: "on Geocentric and International Terrestrial Reference Systems and Frames" English PDF file, 100 KB
    French PDF file, 72 KB
  Resolution B2: "on The Third Realization of the International Celestial Reference Frame" English PDF file, 100 KB
    French PDF file, 77 KB
  Resolution B3: "on preservation, digitization and scientific exploration of historical astronomical data" English PDF file, 98 KB
    French PDF file, 65 KB
  Resolution B4: "on suggested renaming of the Hubble Law" English PDF file, 386 KB
    French PDF file, 79 KB


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