TGF Fellowship Application Procedure

Applications for the TGF Fellowship 2020 are herewith invited.

Applications should contain:

  1. the applicant’s full name, address, email address and current institute address;
  2. the applicant’s curriculum vitae and list of publications;
  3. the applicant’s research project to be carried out at the desired host institute (length: up to 5 pages of text in Times 12 or equivalent font; with up to 4 figures);
  4. the starting date and period during which the desired stipend will be used by the applicant at the host institute; in principle this period should be 1 year, up to 2 years at most;
  5. a draft budget for the use of the desired stipend by the applicant at the host institute (e.g., travel expenses, publications, invitations, etc.);
  6. a letter of appointment to a postdoc position from the director of the desired host institute, with particular attention to salary issues (salary amount, overheads, etc., to be covered by the host institute);
  7. the full names, addresses and email addresses of 3 referees who are familiar with the applicant’s scientific work and prospects for a scientific career; these referees will be contacted directly by the jury;
  8. two additional reference letters. that must be included in your submission.

Deadline : applications for the TGF Fellowship 2020 should reach the IAU General Secretary not later than March 31st 2020, by email to as attached pdf files (albeit preferably in a single merged file). Applications received after that date will not be considered. Please note that this deadline ends at 11:59 PM in the IAU office in Paris, France (GMT+1). Queries should be addressed to

Applicants will be notified by the IAU General Secretary of the outcome of the selection before 31 May 2020. The name of the selected TGF Fellow 2019 and that of the host institute, will be announced on the IAU website.