Letters of Intent for 2014

LoI 2014-135
Extragalactic Jets from every angle

Date: 15 September 2014 to 20 September 2014
Location: Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Contact: Francesco Massaro (fmassaro@stanford.edu)
Coordinating division: Division XI Space & High Energy Astrophysics
Co-Chairs of SOC: Francesco (Massaro)
Aneta (Siemiginowska)
Ericson (Lopez)
C. C. (Teddy) (Cheung)
Co-Chairs of LOC: Ericson (Lopez)
Nicolas (Vasquez)



1. The unified picture of extragalactic jets: from blazars to radio galaxies
2. The multifrequency behavior of highly beamed jets in blazars
3. Timing Jets: unveiling the nature of the extragalactic jet variability
4. The interaction between jets and their surrounding environment
5. The fate of young radio galaxies
6. How observations of jets constrain the growth of supermassive black holes in the early Universe
7. Launching jets: inferring jet power and their energetic
8. Determination of particle acceleration and emission sites of extragalactic jets
9. The origin of X-ray emission from jets at all scales
10. The nature of jet composition, structure, collimation and the role of the magnetic fields