Administrative Dates & Deadlines


Dec 15 Deadline for submission of Proposals for 2014 Symposia
Dec 15 Deadline for nominations for the Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize 2013
Nov 30 Due date for applications for the Gruber Foundation Fellowships 2013
Sep 15 Deadline for Letters of Intent for 2014 Symposia
Sep 1 IAU GA EC92 Beijing
China Nanjing
Aug 29 IAU GA EC91, part III Beijing
China Nanjing
Aug 23 IAU GA EC91, part II Beijing
China Nanjing
Aug 20 -
Aug 31
XXVIIIth IAU General Assembly Beijing
China Nanjing
Aug 19 IAU GA EC91, part I Beijing
China Nanjing
Apr 21 GA 2012: Communication of complete GA Agenda to the National Members
Apr 18 -
Apr 20
EC Spring meeting
Apr 1 Deadline for Proposals to host the XXXth GA in 2018
Mar 31 Nominations of new Individual Members due at the IAU Secretariat via the IAU website
Feb 21 GA 2012: Communication of motions to amend Statutes and Bye-Laws to the National Members
Feb 21 GA 2012: Submission of motions to modify the proposedbudget or any other matters pertaining to it, to the General Secretary
Feb 21 GA 2012: Submission to the General Secretary of motions of a scientific or administrative character without financial impliations, to be placed on the GA agenda


Dec 15 Due date for proposals for IAU Symposia in 2013
Dec 15 Deadline for nominations for the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize 2012
Nov 30 Due date for applications for the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation Fellowship 2012
Nov 26 GA 2012: Submission of Resolutions Type A (financial implications)


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