Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10593 Individual Members.

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Member Location NCA adherence
Beckman, John Etienne Spain Spain
Beckmann, Volker France France
Beckwith, Steven V.W. United States United States
Bedding, Timothy R. Australia Australia
Bedogni, Roberto Italy Italy
Beebe, Herbert A. United States United States
Beebe, Reta Faye United States United States
Beer, Reinhard United States United States
Beers, Timothy C. United States United States
Beesham, Aroonkumar South Africa South Africa
Begelman, Mitchell Craig United States United States
Begeman, Kor G. Netherlands Netherlands
Behar, Ehud Israel Israel
Beheary, Mohamed Mohamed Egypt Egypt
Behrend, Raoul Switzerland Switzerland
Beiersdorfer, Peter United States United States
Beintema, Douwe A. Netherlands Netherlands
Bekenstein, Jacob D. Israel Israel
Bekki, Kenji Australia Australia
Beklen, Elif Turkey Turkey
Belinski, Vladimir A. Italy Italy
Belizon, Fernando Spain Spain
Belkacem, Kevin France France
Belkovich, Oleg I. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Bell, Barbara United States United States
Bell, Jeffrey F. United States United States
Bell, Morley B. Canada Canada
Bell, Steven A. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bell Burnell, Jocelyn United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bell III, James F. United States United States
Bellas-Velidis, Ioannis Greece Greece
Bellazzini, Michele Italy Italy
Belloni, Tomaso Italy Italy
Bellot Rubio, Luis Ramon Spain Spain
Belmonte Avilés, Juan Antonio Spain Spain
Belserene, Emilia P. United States United States
Belskaya, Irina N. Ukraine Ukraine
Belton, Michael J.S. United States United States
Belvedere, Gaetano Italy Italy
Bely-Dubau, Francoise France France
Bem, Jerzy Poland Poland
Bemporad, Alessandro Italy Italy
Ben-Jaffel, Lofti France France
Benacchio, Leopoldo Italy Italy
Benacquista, Matthew J United States United States
Benaglia, Paula Argentina Argentina
Benaydoun, Jean-Jacques France France
Bender, Peter L. United States United States
Bender, Ralf Germany Germany
Bendjoya, Philippe France France
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