IAU Special Sessions (GA)

SpS8: Calibration of star-formation rate measurements across the electromagnetic spectrum

Start date/time

August 27, 2012

End date/time

August 30, 2012


China Nanjing


Andreas Zezas

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Coordinating Division

Division XI Space & High Energy Astrophysics

SOC Co-Chairs: Andreas Zezas (Greece), Ann Hornschemeier (United States), Daniela Calzetti (United States)

SOC Members: Almudena Alonso-Herrero (Spain), Matthew Ashby (United States), Eric Bell (United States), Alessandro Boselli (France), Véronique Buat (France), Roberto Cid Fernandes (Brazil), Michael Dopita (Australia), Lisa Kewley (United States), Xu Kong (China Nanjing), Robert Kennicutt (United Kingdom), Pavel Kroupa (Germany), Yanchun Liang(China Nanjing), Daniel Schaerer (Switzerland), Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann (Brazil), Vivienne Wild (United Kingdom)

Editors of Proceedings: Andreas Zezas (Greece), Ann Hornschemeier (United States), Daniela Calzetti (United States)


  • Update on the status of classical SFR indicators
  • New SFR indicators
  • Comparisons between SFR indicators calibrated on different spacial scales
  • Results from new missions and expectations from future missions
  • Physical biases, uncertainties and cross-calibration of the different tracers
  • Definition of a "best use" framework
  • SF tracers at high redshifts; cosmological applications

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