Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10510 Individual Members.

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Name Location NCA adherence
Hamdy, M. A.M. Egypt Egypt
Hamedivafa, Hashem Iran, Islamic Rep of Iran, Islamic Rep of
Hameury, Jean-Marie France France
Hamilton, Andrew J.S. United States United States
Hamilton, Douglas P. United States United States
Hammel, Heidi B. United States United States
Hammer, François France France
Hammer, Reiner Germany Germany
Hammerschlag, Robert H. Netherlands Netherlands
Hammond, Gordon L. United States United States
Hamuy, Mario Chile Chile
HAN, Cheongho Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
HAN, Inwoo Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
HAN, JinLin China Nanjing China Nanjing
HAN, Tianqi China Nanjing China Nanjing
HAN, Wonyong Korea, Rep of Korea, Rep of
HAN, Yanben China Nanjing China Nanjing
HAN, Zhanwen China Nanjing China Nanjing
HANADO, Yuko Japan Japan
HANAMI , Hitoshi Japan Japan
Hanaoka, Yoichiro Japan Japan
Hanasz, Jan Poland Poland
Hanasz, Michal B. Poland Poland
HANAWA , Tomoyuki Japan Japan
HANDA , Toshihiro Japan Japan
Handler, Gerald Poland Poland
Hanes, David A. Canada Canada
Haniff, Christopher United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hanisch, Robert J. United States United States
Hankins, Timothy Hamilton United States United States
Hanlon, Lorraine O. Ireland Ireland
Hanna, David Scott Canada Canada
Hanna, Magdy Abd El-Malek Egypt Egypt
Hannah, Iain Gordon United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hanner, Martha S. United States United States
Hannestad, Steen Denmark Denmark
Hannikainen, Diana C. Finland Finland
Hänninen, Jyrki Finland Finland
Hansen, Frode Kristian Norway Norway
Hansen, Richard T. United States United States
Hanslmeier, Arnold Austria Austria
Hanson, Margaret Murray United States United States
Hanson, Robert B. United States United States
Hansteen, Viggo Norway Norway
Hantzios, Panayiotis Greece Greece
Hanuschik, Reinhard Germany Germany
HAO, Jinxin China Nanjing China Nanjing
HAO, Lei China Nanjing China Nanjing
Hapke, Bruce W. United States United States
Haque, Shirin T. Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago
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