Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10510 Individual Members.

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Name Location NCA adherence
Hemenway, Mary Kay M. United States United States
Hemenway, Paul D. United States United States
Hempel, Marc Germany Germany
Hempelmann, Alexander M. Germany Germany
Henden, Arne A. United States United States
Hendrix, Amanda R. United States United States
Hendry, Martin A. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Heng, Kevin Switzerland Switzerland
Henkel, Christian Germany Germany
Henney, William John Mexico Mexico
Henning, Patricia A. United States United States
Henning, Thomas Germany Germany
Henoux, Jean-Claude France France
Henrichs, Hubertus F. Netherlands Netherlands
Henriksen, Mark Jeffrey United States United States
Henriksen, Richard N. Canada Canada
Henry, Richard B.C. United States United States
Henry, Richard Conn United States United States
Hensberge, Herman Brazil Brazil
Hensler, Gerhard Austria Austria
Heras, Ana M. Netherlands Netherlands
Héraudeau, Philippe Germany Germany
Herbst, Eric United States United States
Herbst, William United States United States
Herczeg, Tibor J. United States United States
Herdiwijaya, Dhani Indonesia Indonesia
Hering, Roland Germany Germany
Hermsen, Willem Netherlands Netherlands
Hernández, Jesús O. Venezuela Venezuela
Hernández, Xavier Mexico Mexico
Hernández-Monteagudo, Carlos Spain Spain
Hernández-Pajares, Manuel Spain Spain
Hernanz, Margarita Spain Spain
Hernquist, Lars Eric United States United States
Herpin, Fabrice France France
Herrero Davó, Artemio Spain Spain
Herrmann, Dieter B. Germany Germany
HERSANT, Franck France France
Hershey, John L. AA-Country unknown AA-Country unknown
Hertz, Paul L. United States United States
Hervik, Sigbjorn Norway Norway
Heske, Astrid Netherlands Netherlands
Hess, Kelley Michelle South Africa South Africa
Hessels, Jason W T Netherlands Netherlands
Hesser, James E. Canada Canada
Hessman, Frederic Victor Germany Germany
Hestroffer, Daniel France France
Hetem Jr., Annibal Brazil Brazil
Heudier, Jean-Louis France France
Hewett, Paul Charles United Kingdom United Kingdom
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