Letters of Intent for 2015

By the October 31st (extended) deadline, we received 23 Letters of Intent for Symposia in 2016. The deadline for receiving the Full Proposals remains fixed on December 15th, 2014 (on-line Full Proposal Form). The evaluation of the Proposals will take place in January-March and the final list of the 9 IAU Scientific Symposia to be held in 2016 will be finally approved by the Executive Committee during its 95th Meeting (Padova, April 15-17, 2015).

GA Symposia

LoI 2015-213

Title Star Formation across Scales in the Universe
Contact Philippe ANDRE (pandre@cea.fr)


LoI 2015-179

Title The General Assembly of the Galactic Halo
Contact Angela Bragaglia (angela.bragaglia@oabo.inaf.it)


LoI 2015-210

Title Research in Astronomy Education: Results and Future Directions
Contact Paulo Bretones (bretones@ufscar.br)


LoI 2015-181

Title Formation, evolution, and survival of massive star clusters
Contact Corinne Charbonnel (Corinne.Charbonnel@unige.ch)


LoI 2015-211

Title Asteroids: New Observations, New Models
Contact Steven Chesley (steve.chesley@jpl.nasa.gov)


LoI 2015-191

Title From molecular gas to star forming galaxies
Contact Pascale JABLONKA (pascale.jablonka@epfl.ch)


LoI 2015-203

Title Galaxies in the Early Universe and the Growth of Structure over Cosmic Time
Contact Sugata Kaviraj (s.kaviraj@herts.ac.uk)


LoI 2015-215

Title Protoplanetary Disks: Structure, Transport and Chemistry
Contact Hubert Klahr (klahr@mpia.de)


LoI 2015-196

Title Solar and Stellar Flares and Their Effects on Planets
Contact Alexander Kosovichev (sasha@bbso.njit.edu)


LoI 2015-202

Title Technology, Data-handling, and Operational Challenges for Large Astronomical Facilities
Contact Valentin M. Pillet (vmpillet@nso.edu)


LoI 2015-200

Title Which future for electromagnetic Astronomy: Ground Based vs Space Borne Large Astrophysical Facility
Contact Ubertini Pietro (pietro.ubertini@iaps.inaf.it)


LoI 2015-190

Title GA Symposium: The dramatic evolution of galaxy morphology
Contact Aaron Robotham (aaron.robotham@uwa.edu.au)


LoI 2015-208

Title The Lyman alpha Universe
Contact Daniel Schaerer (daniel.schaerer@unige.ch)


LoI 2015-192

Title Citizen Science, Social Machines and Open Science in Astronomy
Contact Robert Simpson (robert.simpson@astro.ox.ac.uk)


LoI 2015-182

Title The Galaxy as a system of systems: An integrative view
Contact David Soderblom (drs@stsci.edu)


LoI 2015-199

Title Young Stars and Planets Near the Sun
Contact Ben Zuckerman (ben@astro.ucla.edu)


LoI 2015-172

Title The high resolution view of star and planet formation
Contact Floris van der Tak (vdtak@sron.nl)


GA Focus Meetings

LoI 2015-167

Title Focus Meeting: The physics of the stellar halos around galaxies
Contact Magda Arnaboldi (marnabol@eso.org)


LoI 2015-174

Title Focus Meeting: Electromagnetic and gravitational radiation from compact objects
Contact Tomaso Belloni (tomaso.belloni@brera.inaf.it)


LoI 2015-168

Title Focus Meeting: Solar, Stellar, and Space Physics in the ATST Era
Contact Thomas Berger (tberger@nso.edu)


LoI 2015-178

Title Focus Meeting: Water throughout the universe
Contact Edwin Bergin (ebergin@umich.edu)


LoI 2015-171

Title Focus Meeting: IAU Working Group Libraries
Contact Marsha Bishop (mbishop@nrao.edu)


LoI 2015-175

Title Focus Meeting: Highlights in the Exploration of Small Worlds
Contact Dominique Bockelee-Morvan (dominique.bockelee@obspm.fr)


LoI 2015-187

Title Focus Meeting: Cosmological X-ray Surveys: Supermassive Black Hole growth and Cosmic structures
Contact Andrea Comastri (andrea.comastri@oabo.inaf.it)


LoI 2015-183

Title Focus Meeting: Stellar Behemoths - Red Supergiants Across the Local Universe
Contact Ben Davies (b.davies@ljmu.ac.uk)


LoI 2015-169

Title Focus meeting: what is a galaxy?
Contact Pierre-Alain Duc (paduc@cea.fr)


LoI 2015-173

Title Focus Meeting: Pushing the Frontiers of Cosmology and Galaxy Formation with HST
Contact Harald Ebeling (ebeling@ifa.hawaii.edu)


LoI 2015-180

Title Focus Meeting: Scale-free processes in astrophysics
Contact Edith Falgarone (edith.falgarone@ens.fr)


LoI 2015-185

Title Focus Meeting: Statistics and Exoplanets
Contact Eric Feigelson (edf@astro.psu.edu)


LoI 2015-224

Title Focus Meeting: The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development: Impact!
Contact Kevin Govender (kg@astro4dev.org)


LoI 2015-170

Title Focus Meeting: Laboratory Astrophysics
Contact Patrick Hartigan (hartigan@sparky.rice.edu)


LoI 2015-217

Title Focus Meeting: The picture of galaxy evolution painted with Lyman alpha
Contact Esther Hu (hu@ifa.hawaii.edu)


LoI 2015-212

Title Focus Meeting: Meeting the Neighbours: The Magellanic System
Contact Annie Hughes (hughes@mpia.de)


LoI 2015-176

Title Focus Meeting: Recent advances in stellar physics from asteroseismology
Contact Simon Jeffery (csj@arm.ac.uk)


LoI 2015-218

Title Focus Meeting: Understanding Cosmic Magnetism with Next Generation Instruments
Contact Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (Melanie.Johnston-Hollitt@vuw.ac.nz)


LoI 2015-197

Title Focus Meeting: Astronomy in Hawaii - Past, Present and Future
Contact Markus Kissler-Patig (mkissler@gemini.edu)


LoI 2015-198

Title Focus Meeting: Astronomy, culture and patronage through the ages
Contact Rajesh Kochhar (rkochhar2000@yahoo.com)


LoI 2015-189

Title Focus Meeting: Connecting Solar and Stellar Variability
Contact Natalie Krivova (natalie@mps.mpg.de)


LoI 2015-221

Title Focus Meeting: Search for water and life's building blocks in the universe
Contact Sun Kwok (sunkwok@hku.hk)


LoI 2015-220

Title Focus Meeting: Stellar Physics Throughout the Universe
Contact Claus Leitherer (leitherer@stsci.edu)


LoI 2015-226

Title Cosmology from before Hubble (EP) to after Hubble (ST)
Contact Vicent J. Martinez (martinez@uv.es)


LoI 2015-194

Title Focus Meeting: Stellar structure, gas dynamics and star formation in galaxies
Contact Sharon Meidt (meidt@mpia.de)


LoI 2015-188

Title Focus Meeting: Complex Organic Molecules in Space
Contact Tom Millar (Tom.Millar@qub.ac.uk)


LoI 2015-165

Title Focus Meeting: Dynamical problems in Extrasolar planets science
Contact Alessandro Morbidelli (morby@oca.eu)


LoI 2015-201

Title Focus Meeting: Observations and 3D numerical models: exploring the common ground
Contact Fernando Moreno-Insertis (fmi@iac.es)


LoI 2015-204

Title Focus Meeting: Signs of Life: Exoplanets and the Search for Biomarkers
Contact Rachel Osten (osten@stsci.edu)


LoI 2015-205

Title Focus Meeting: The Archaeology of Galaxies
Contact Rachel Osten (osten@stsci.edu)


LoI 2015-206

Title Focus Meeting: New Light on First Light
Contact Rachel Osten (osten@stsci.edu)


LoI 2015-193

Title Focus Meeting: The Anatomy of Nearby Starburst Galaxies
Contact Juergen Ott (jott@nrao.edu)


LoI 2015-177

Title Focus Meeting: The Solar Neighborhood
Contact Jan Palous (palous@ig.cas.cz)


LoI 2015-214

Title Focus Meeting: Towards a promising harvest for Gaia
Contact Timo Prusti (tprusti@rssd.esa.int)


LoI 2015-225

Title Focus Meeting: Astronomical Heritage: Progressing the UNESCO–IAU Initiative
Contact Clive Ruggles (rug@le.ac.uk)


LoI 2015-216

Title Focus Meeting: Communicating Astronomy with the Public in the Big Data Era
Contact Pedro Russo (russo@strw.leidenuniv.nl)


LoI 2015-184

Title Focus Meeting: Bridging Laboratory Astrophysics and Astronomy: From Provider to User
Contact Farid Salama (Farid.Salama@nasa.gov)


LoI 2015-222

Title Focus Meeting: The Impact of Massive Binaries throughout the Universe
Contact Hugues Sana (hsana@stsci.edu)


LoI 2015-166

Title Focus Meeting: The Cosmos as a probe of fundamental physics
Contact Raghunathan Srianand (anand@iucaa.ernet.in)


LoI 2015-223

Title Focus Meeting: The Legacy of Planck
Contact Jan Tauber (jtauber@rssd.esa.int)


LoI 2015-207

Title Focus Meeting: The synergy between massive stellar explosions and their hosts
Contact Christina Thoene (cthoene@iaa.es)


LoI 2015-219

Title Focus Meeting: Magnetic fields and related physics of massive stars
Contact Gregg Wade (wade-g@rmc.ca)


LoI 2015-209

Title Focus Meeting: Addressing Light Pollution/RFI Issues for Protection of Observatory & World Heritage Sites
Contact Constance Walker (cwalker@noao.edu)


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