Letters of Intent for 2015

Dear colleagues, it is good to see how vibrant the IAU community is. So far we have received 36 LoI's for IAU Symposia during 2017, which I believe to be a record.
I take the opportunity to remind you that the deadline for applications is December 15th (see http://www.iau.org/science/meetings/proposals/lop/).

GA Symposia

LoI 2015-213

LoI 2015-179

LoI 2015-211

LoI 2015-191

LoI 2015-196

LoI 2015-208

Title The Lyman alpha Universe
Contact Daniel Schaerer (daniel.schaerer@unige.ch)

LoI 2015-182

LoI 2015-172

LoI 2015-199

GA Focus Meetings

LoI 2015-178

LoI 2015-171

LoI 2015-175

LoI 2015-169

Title Focus meeting: what is a galaxy?
Contact Pierre-Alain Duc (paduc@cea.fr)

LoI 2015-185

LoI 2015-170

LoI 2015-226

LoI 2015-165

LoI 2015-205

LoI 2015-206

LoI 2015-177

LoI 2015-166

LoI 2015-223

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