Individual Members

Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Total: 10155 Individual Members.

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Name Location NCA adherence
Cannon, John M. United States United States
Cannon, Kipp Canada Canada
Cannon, Russell David Australia Australia
Cannon, Wayne H. Canada Canada
Cantiello, Michele Italy Italy
Canto Martins, Bruno Leonardo Brazil Brazil
Canzian, Blaise United States United States
CAO, Huilai China Nanjing Hong Kong
CAO, Li China Nanjing China Nanjing
CAO, Xinwu China Nanjing China Nanjing
CAO, Zhen China Nanjing China Nanjing
Caon, Nicola Spain Spain
Capaccioli, Massimo Italy Italy
Capaccioni, Fabrizio Italy Italy
Čapek, David Czech Republic Czech Republic
Capelato, Hugo Vicente Brazil Brazil
Capen, Charles F. United States United States
Capitaine, Nicole France France
Caplan, James France France
Cappa de Nicolau, Cristina Argentina Argentina
Cappellari, Michele United Kingdom United Kingdom
Cappellaro, Enrico Italy Italy
Cappi, Alberto Italy Italy
Cappi, Massimo Italy Italy
Capria, Maria Teresa Italy Italy
Capriotti, Eugene R. United States United States
Caproni, Anderson Brazil Brazil
Caputi, Karina Isabel Netherlands Netherlands
Caputo, Filippina Italy Italy
Capuzzo Dolcetta, Roberto Angelo Italy Italy
Caranicolas, Nicholas Greece Greece
Caraveo, Patrizia Italy Italy
Carbon, Duane F. United States United States
Carbonell, Marc Spain Spain
Carciofi, Alex C. Brazil Brazil
Cárdenas, Rolando Pedro Cuba Cuba
Cardini, Daniela Italy Italy
Cardona, Octavio Mexico Mexico
Cardoso Santos, Nuno Miguel Portugal Portugal
Caretta, Cesar Augusto Mexico Mexico
Cargill, Peter J. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Carigi, Leticia Mexico Mexico
Carignan, Claude South Africa South Africa
Carilli, Christopher L. United States United States
Carlberg, Raymond Canada Canada
Carleton, Nathaniel P. United States United States
Carlin, Jeffrey L United States United States
Carlqvist, Per A. Sweden Sweden
Carlson, Arthur W. Germany Germany
Carlson, Per Sweden Sweden
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