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Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible for election as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Individual Members listed in the IAU Directory have a valid, public email, and are affiliated to at least one Division. They are labeled as "active members". For corrections and updates, please contact

Total number of IAU members:12422. Number of Individual Members in the IAU Directory: 10365

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Name Location NCA adherence
Sizonenko, Yuri V. Ukraine Ukraine
Sjouwerman, Lorant O United States United States
Skelton, Rosalind E. South Africa South Africa
Skibba, Ramin Adrian United States United States
Skillen, Ian Spain Spain
Skilling, John United Kingdom United Kingdom
Skillman, Evan D. United States United States
Skinner, Gerald K. Germany Germany
Skinner, Stephen L. United States United States
Skjæraasen, Olaf Norway Norway
Skoda, Petr Czech Republic Czech Republic
Skokić, Ivica Croatia, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of
Skokos, Charalampos South Africa South Africa
Skopal, Augustin Slovakia Slovakia
Skripnichenko, Vladimir I. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Skulskyj, Mychajlo Y. Ukraine Ukraine
Skumanich, Andrew United States United States
Skurikhina, Elena Anatolievna Russian Federation Russian Federation
Slade, Martin A. United States United States
Slane, Patrick United States United States
Slaný, Petr Czech Republic Czech Republic
Slater, Stephanie Jean United States United States
Slater, Timothy F. United States United States
Slavcheva-Mihova, Lyuba Stoyanova Bulgaria Bulgaria
Slavin, Jonathan David United States United States
Sleath, John United Kingdom United Kingdom
Šlechta, Miroslav Czech Republic Czech Republic
Slee, O. B. Australia Australia
Slezak, Eric France France
Sloan, Gregory Clayton United States United States
Sluse, Dominique Belgium Belgium
Smail, Ian United Kingdom United Kingdom
Smak, Józef I. Poland Poland
Smaldone, Luigi A. Italy Italy
Smale, Alan Peter United States United States
Smalley, Barry United Kingdom United Kingdom
Smart, Richard L. Italy Italy
Smecker-Hane, Tammy A. United States United States
Smette, Alain Chile Belgium
Smeyers, Paul Belgium Belgium
Šmída, Radomír Germany Germany
Smirnov, Grigorij T. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Smirnova, Aleksandrina Andreevna Russian Federation Russian Federation
Smirnova, Olesja Latvia Latvia
Smirnova, Tatiana Vasil'evna Russian Federation Russian Federation
Smith, Alexis M. S. Poland United Kingdom
Smith, Bradford A United States United States
Smith, Craig H. Australia Australia
Smith, Dean F. United States United States
Smith, Denise A United States United States
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