Resolutions adopted at the General Assemblies





2006 Resolution 1: "Precession Theory and Definition of the Ecliptic" English PDF file, 149 KB
French PDF file, 149 KB
Resolution 2: "Supplement to the IAU 2000 Resolutions on reference systems" English PDF file, 68 KB
French PDF file, 68 KB
Resolution 3: "Re-definition of Barycentric Dynamical Time, TDB" English PDF file, 71KB
French PDF file, 71KB
Resolution 4: "Endorsement of the Washington Charter for Communicating Astronomy with the Public" English PDF file, 59KB
Resolutions 5 and 6: "Definition of a Planet in the Solar System" AND "Pluto" English PDF file, 92KB
French PDF file, 92KB
1935 All French PDF file, 470 KB
1932 All French PDF file, 763 KB
1928 All French PDF file, 1.38 MB
1925 All French PDF file, 709 KB
1922 All French PDF file, 505 KB



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