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The IAU has always funded several projects related to astronomy-for-development activities. In the era of the OAD and in implementing the Strategic Plan, the IAU now allocates these funds via the OAD Task Forces. This ensures a more strategic approach to using astronomy for development with input from experienced international experts.

Each (calendar) year the IAU provides project funding of the order of €100,000 for astronomy-for-development projects. Grants are awarded through an annual open call for proposals managed by the OAD, with the evaluation of proposals being conducted by the respective OAD Task Forces. 

The first call for proposals took place in 2012 for projects to be implemented during the 2013 calendar year. 191 proposals were submitted, requesting a total of €1,835,820. Of the 191 projects, 18 were selected for funding, with a total of €87,703 granted.

The total amount requested for projects in 2014 was € 2,237,844. This represents a general increase in demand of about 20% from the previous year. The total number of projects to be carried out in 2014 is 23, representing a total amount of €95,483.

Projects recommended but not funded by the IAU are placed on the OAD “wish list” which is advertised on the OAD website in order to rally external support.


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