IAUS 377 Symposium Second Announcement

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International Astronomical Union Symposium 377: Early Disk Galaxy Formation: From JWST to the Milky Way
February 6th-10th, 2023
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The 377th symposium of the IAU – the first held in Southeast Asia since 1990 and indeed the first ever in Malaysia – will discuss the diagnostic power of first-year JWST and ALMA data, with special emphasis on first-year JWST data, to elucidate the links between our growing knowledge of the early Milky Way and that of the high-redshift universe. The conference will focus on a period in which disk galaxies were, relative to the present day, kinematically hotter, experiencing more massive and more frequent accretion and dissolution events, and predominantly forming stars in more massive clusters, with the aim of enabling a more holistic understanding of the Milky Way’s and all disk galaxies’ early star formation and structural assembly.
Topics to be Covered:
	• Discussion of first-year JWST data and ALMA data and lessons on high-redshift analogs of the early Milky Way 
	• The Local Group in a cosmology context, and a comparative study of surviving dwarf galaxies versus what we have uncovered of cannibalized dwarf galaxies 
	• The formation and evolution of disk galaxies at high redshifts
	• Investigation of how cosmological simulations succeed (or not) at predicting the observed properties of galaxies 
	• The role of globular clusters in early structure formation as inferred from both local group and high-redshift observations 
	• What present-day Galactic structure, dynamics, and chemistry can and cannot teach us about the early formation of the Milky Way
	• Simulations and observations of (local and high redshift) metal-free and nearly metal-free stars
	• Archaeoastronomy of southeast Asia, and history of Islamic astronomy
Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Caitlin Casey, University of Texas at Austin 
Robert Grand, Canaries Institute for Astrophysics
Takuya Hashimoto, University of Tsukuba
Paul Ho, East Asian Observatory
Miho Ishigaki, Kavli IPMU
Susan Kassin, Space Telescope Science Institute
Janice Lee, NOIRLab
Haining Li, National Astronomical Observatory of China
Jessica Lu, University of California, Berkeley
Yao-Yuan Mao, Utah University
Anna Fabiola Marino, INAF Firenzo
David Nidever, Montana State University
Sally Oey, University of Michigan
Irene Shivaei, University of Arizona
Eros Vanzella, INAF Bologna
Long Wang, Sun Yat-sen University
David Weinberg, The Ohio State University
Dan Weisz, University of California, Berkeley
Simon White, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astrophysik
Christina C. Williams, University of Arizona
Important Dates
Early bird registration: Open now until June 30th
Standard registration: Open from July 1st until TBD
Abstract submission deadline, Opening and Closing of Registration
Monsoon School on Galactic Dynamics and Data Science: January 31st – February 4th, 2023
Symposium Dates: February 6th – 10th, 2023
Malaysia Covid-19 policies and status
SOC Members
David Nataf, Johns Hopkins University, SOC co-chair
Yuan-Sen Ting, Australian National University, SOC co-chair
Amina Helmi, University of Groningen 
Akio Inoue, Waseda University 
Shigeki Inoue, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan / University of Tsukuba  
Susan Kassin, Space Telescope Science Institute 
Chiaki Kobayashi, University of Hertfordshire 
Chin-Fei Lee, Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics 
Khee-Gan Lee, Kavli IPMU 
Roberto Maiolino, University of Cambridge 
Dante Minniti, Universidad Andres Bello 
Alvio Renzini, Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova 
Dan Weisz, University of California Berkeley
Rosemary Wyse, Johns Hopkins University 
Xiang-Xiang Xue, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Gail Zasowski, University of Utah 
Editors of Proceedings
Beatriz Barbuy, Universidade de São Paulo
Fatemeh Tatatabaei, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
LOC Members
Yuan-Sen Ting, Australian National University
Fairos Asilam, National Planetarium of Malaysia
Prof. Zamri bin Zainal Abidin, Universiti Malaya
Norsyazwani Binti Asmi, National Planetarium
Norul Aswad, National Planetarium
Anita Bahari, National Planetarium
Hidayah Ismail, Universiti Malaya
Kong You Liow, University of Exeter
Jia Wei The, Australian National University
Ahmad Najwan Zulkiplee, Universiti Malaya
Questions? Please peruse the conference webpage:
or contact us via our symposium mailbox: