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25 May 2022
IAU Symposia for 2023 Announced

The IAU Symposia, the flagship scientific gatherings of the IAU, aim to significantly advance their fields and explore current key questions and emerging concepts through a programme of invited talks, contributed talks and posters, and ample discussion.

Following the proposal evaluation and recommendations of the IAU Division Presidents and Vice Presidents, the IAU Executive Committee has discussed and approved the list of Symposia for 2023. Because of oversubscription and the high quality of the submitted proposals, the evaluation process was challenging. The approved list of IAU Symposia for 2023 is as follows:

  • IAUS 378 Black Hole Winds at all Scales
  • IAUS 379 Dynamical Masses of Local Group Galaxies
  • IAUS 380 Cosmic Masers: Proper Motion toward the Next-Generation Large  Projects
  • IAUS 381 Strong Gravitational Lensing in the Era of Big Data
  • IAUS 382 Complex Planetary Systems II (CPS II): Latest Methods for an  Interdisciplinary Approach (Kavli–IAU)
  • IAUS 383 Astrochemistry VIII: From the First Galaxies to the Formation  of Habitable Worlds (Kavli–IAU)
  • IAUS 384 Planetary Nebulae: a Universal Toolbox in the Era of Precision Astrophysics
  • IAUS 385 Astronomy and Satellite Constellations: Pathways Forward
  • IAUS 386 Dark Sky and Astronomical Heritage in boosting Astro-Tourism around the Globe

The IAU is delighted to have formed a partnership with the Kavli Foundation for one symposium each year to be a Kavli–IAU Symposium on Interdisciplinary Science, in accordance with the IAU Strategic Plan (2020–2030). These symposia will be supported by additional resources. Intended to begin sooner, but delayed by complications of the covid pandemic, we are pleased to announce that the Kavli–IAU programme will be inaugurated by two Symposia in 2023, as indicated above (IAUS 382 and IAUS 383).

Further details of the approved meetings, such as dates and locations, can be found on the Future IAU Meetings web page.

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