Meet the IAU Astronomers! Programme

As the world struggles to contain the spread of COVID-19 we are adapting many of our IAU outreach programs to a fully online framework, doing whatever we can to help tackle this pandemic as well as its collateral effects on society. As many of us turn online to stay connected with our communities through astronomy, astronomers have a wide range of expertise which could help the current situation.

With "Meet the IAU Astronomers!" we encourage teachers, informal educators, amateur astronomers, to organize a virtual meetup with an IAU Astronomer to talk to students, parents and the general public about astronomy, the importance of astronomy for society, and choosing astronomy as a career.


For Applicants

Step 1 We would like you to identify, in your country, communities (e.g. schools or social centers) interested in hosting an online talk with an IAU Astronomer.

Step 2 Send us an email to meet.astronomers [at] with the Subject: Meet the IAU Astronomers! with the following information: 1) Contact Name; 2) Contact Email; 3) Institution (where the talk will be hosted and country); 4) Preferred Date & Time; 5) Scientific Topic; 6) Preferred Language; 7) Expected Audience (Age & Type of Audience (e.g. General Public, including parents and family));

Step 3 We will match your request to one of our IAU astronomers. The IAU astronomer, besides addressing a scientific topic of your choice, will also talk about critical thinking, the importance of astronomy for society and their career paths to encourage parents, educators and students alike for the possibility of becoming an astronomer. We will select the first 50 applications and match them with one of our IAU Astronomers.

Step 4 Once the matching is done, we will place you in contact with the IAU Astronomer directly for you to arrange the details. 


For IAU Astronomers

If you are interested in participating in the Meet the IAU Astronomers! program please fill in this form.

Note: If you have any issues accessing the form, or prefer an alternative way of submitting your information to us, please contact us and we will provide you with an alternative. 


Contact us

IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO)
meet.astronomers [at]
Subject: Meet the IAU Astronomers! 






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