Role of NOC

The IAU National Outreach Contacts (NOC)


  • The NOC should demonstrate rich knowledge and experience in astronomy outreach activities.
  • The NOC should demonstrate good connection with relevant stakeholders, like the professional astronomers, astronomy educators, planetariums, science centres and amateur astronomer communities in the nation.
  • The NOC should demonstrate full access of resources, on his/her own or through his/her delegates, to coordinate, direct and support the work described below.
  • Ideally, the NOC should demonstrate good connection with the government policy makers.


  • The NOC will be nominated by the IAU International Outreach Coordinator (IOC), with the approval of the IAU General Secretary.


  • The term of the NOC will be for a maximum of 3 years, starting at the end of an IAU General Assembly or any later date, and end at the next IAU General Assembly.
  • The term can be renewed at the time of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the IAU IOC with the approval of the IAU General Secretary.
  • The appointment can be terminated at anytime if the IOC found the NOC’s work is unsatisfactory, after consultation with the IAU General Secretary.
  • If the appointment is tier to a position not a person, any change over of the personale shall immediately inform the IOC.


  • To act as a communication hub between the IAU (through the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach [OAO]) and the relevant stakeholders in the respective country, for astronomy outreach related affairs.
  • To communicate and coordinate with the IAU National Membership body – the National Committee of Astronomy, if the country is an IAU national member, for any joining efforts.
  • To disseminate the IAU outreach news and initiatives to the local outreach communities, and coordinate, direct or advice for any necessary actions.
  • To keep a database of people and organisations involved in astronomy outreach within their country.
  • To support the implementation of global astronomy outreach projects at national level.
  • The NOC doesn’t necessarily lead the national implementation of global projects, but he/she should mobilize the communities to participate in the global projects.
  • The contact details of the NOC will be available online, he/she shall respond to the public requests for different purposes.
  • To inform the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach any major national or multinational events.
  • To support the IAU IOC’s national work, e.g. verify the status of an astronomy-related organization.
  • To identify volunteers to help for translation work.
  • To submit a one-page report annually about outreach activities in his/her country and whenever possible should include details about the activities, like number of activities, number of people engaged and other relevant information.


  • A deputy NOC may be appointed to support the NOC’s work.
  • The nomination of the deputy NOC can either be recommended by the NOC himself/herself, or appointed by the IAU IOC.

Support from OAO

  • The NOC may arrange a time to meet with the IAU IOC to discuss about the outreach works at national levels through video conference or face-to-face meeting.
  • If the NOC can fund his/her airfare to Tokyo, Japan for a visit to OAO, the OAO will provide free accommodation for his/her stay at NAOJ campus in Tokyo.


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