IAU Global Outreach Events | 2024 Event Calendar

The IAU Global Outreach Events are international outreach activities supported by the IAU outreach office, with the intent of promoting and disseminating best practices internationally. These events are developed and implemented by independent organisers internationally and we encourage outreach professionals, educators, amateur and professional astronomers, to share their stories and join our inspiring outreach community.

Anyone can submit an event related to astronomy that aligns with the IAU Global Outreach initiatives: promoting astronomy for the betterment of science and society, through collaboration and with a spirit of respect, tolerance and peace.

You can register your events in the official IAU Calendar of Outreach Global Events for 2024 here.

Note: If you experience any issues accessing our Online Form, please send an email to our IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Team via public[at]oao.iau.org with the subject line “IAU Outreach Event Calendar 2024 - Request Form”.

Note: Once your activity is visible on our event calendar you are free to use the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach Logo in your registered events.

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