NOCs Funding Scheme


Starting in 2019, the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach will provide the IAU National Outreach Coordinators (NOCs) network with a grants system. The funding (maximum of 5000€ per project), is solely dedicated to the IAU NOCs network and will allow further support to worthy outreach initiatives. This first edition, under the theme “We must preserve Earth, our only home in the Universe*”, NOCs will team up with each other, and together, present a proposal in a joint activity between countries.   


The IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) is primarily responsible to support the international network of IAU National Outreach Coordinators (NOCs) present in more than 100 countries, a network composed by some of the most active and driven practitioners making a difference in astronomy internationally: the astronomers producing cutting-edge science and the outreach professionals taking astronomy to their local communities. 

To provide continuous support to its outreach network and to cement international relations between national coordinators, the OAO will implement an annual Funding Scheme solely dedicated to its NOCs and under the theme “We must preserve Earth, our only home in the Universe” linking citizen literacy in astronomy and the uniqueness of our planet Earth.

How to Apply 

  1. Identify a challenge and/or a problem you wish to solve (for reference, please read below “Theme (Additional Notes)”);
  2. Team up with fellow(s) NOCs (a team of two or three NOCs is advisable) and jointly search for a solution;
  3. Applications:
    1. Step 1. composed by a short summary of a maximum of 400 words of the proposal) will be revised by a Jury/Committee; (a form will be provided)
    2. Step 2. selected submissions will be asked for a more complete proposal (detailed proposal) for final selection (by a Jury/Committee). (a form will be provided)



  • Submissions are open to entries submitted by the NOCs;
  • Submissions are judged on 
    • (1) creativity (is your project original, or has an original component to it?), (2) impact (how will affect the communities it will be implemented? Is it inspirational for others to follow your idea?), 
    • (3) pertinence (how is it linked to the designated themes),  
    • (4) sustainability (will it continue beyond this instance you are presenting?) of the project presented; 
    • (5) collaboration (mutual involvement of the involved NOCs & national communities); 
  • The decision of the appointed jury is final, and all NOCs must accept the final decision, whether their proposal has been accepted or not;
  • Only “one NOC - one submission” entry will be accepted (e.g. a NOC cannot participate in two proposals);



Total funding for the program is 20 000€ (funding a maximum of 2000€-5000€ per project).

Implementation Timeline

(The NOCs Funding Scheme 2020 is now closed.)
Selected projects for 2020: 20 February 2020
Information about the 2021 Edition: April 2020