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November 2012


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  1. GAM 2012 Astropoetry Contest
  2. Google Code-in Contest for High School Students
  3. Music Inspired by Astronomy: A Resource Guide Organised by Topic
  4. WTAT Astrotruck Initiative
  5. AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program

1. GAM 2012 Astropoetry Contest

Astronomers Without Borders: The Global Astronomy Month (GAM) 2012 Astropoetry Contest was a great success, with a total of 73 poems submitted. Our thanks to all the fine poets, young and old, who contributed their work to the contest and helped to make GAM a memorable event.
You can read the full story on our website: http://goo.gl/UM1Gg
The winning poems are posted here: http://goo.gl/eDP2C

2. Google Code-in Contest for High School Students
Carolina Ödman: Subscribers may be interested in this international programming contest for high school kids. This is a great opportunity for astronomers to demonstrate to kids in their local area that astronomers have many useful skills as they help them to take part. The contest launched on 26 November and runs until January.
Contest website: http://goo.gl/dKuR6

3. Music Inspired by Astronomy: A Resource Guide Organised by Topic
Andrew Fraknoi: A new guide presenting 133 pieces of music inspired by astronomical ideas (organised into 22 subject categories) was published recently in the online journal Astronomy Education Review. Both classical and popular music are included, and a short appendix lists a number of astronomers who have recorded songs and self-published them. If you can’t immediately name the six songs that include valid information or ideas about black holes, this is the list you want to consult.
Read the guide: http://goo.gl/qLqg6

4. WTAT Astrotruck Initiative
(Project website forwarded by Kevin Govender, Director of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development)
The Wilgenhof Trans Africa Tour (WTAT) — a 65-day tour across numerous African countries, undertaken by 55 students known as ‘Wilgenhoffers’ — set off on the road on 22 November. In support of the IAU’s Strategic Plan, Astronomy for Development, the group will run street astronomy events during the trip. You can follow the progress of WTAT on the project’s blog.
WTAT blog: http://goo.gl/99Eo6

5. AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows Program
AAAS: Our 10-week summer program places graduate and post-graduate level science, engineering and mathematics students at media organisations nationwide [United States]. Fellows have worked as reporters, editors, researchers and production assistants at such media outlets as the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, Sacramento Bee, and Scientific American. Participants come in knowing the importance of translating their work for the public, but they leave with the tools and the know-how to accomplish this important goal.
To apply: http://goo.gl/ZW0MG

How to submit an item for the next newsletter:
Please send your news and events (short paragraph with links) with the subject line ‘Mailing list contribution’ to sarah.reed@nao.ac.jp I look forward to promoting all of your wonderful public outreach activities!




Please find below links to several websites that will be streaming the total solar eclipse from Australia on 14 November (local time). Totality will begin at 06:35 Australian Eastern Standard Time on 14 November (20:35 UTC on 13 November).I would like to thank Thilina Heenatigala from Astronomers Without Borders for compiling the list.

Cairns Solar Eclipse, 2012
The official destination website for the total solar Eclipse over Cairns and Great Barrier Reef will feature Terry Cuttle from the Astronomical Association of Queensland as the host. He will be joined by Kate Russo (eclipse chaser and author), Ben Southall (winner of the ‘Best Job in the World’ promotion and tourism ambassador), Richard Fitzpatrick (an underwater cameraman, will be live from under water) and Alan Hale (from Hale-Bopp comet who is studying comets close to the Sun which can only be seen during an eclipse).

2012 Eclipse live from a Cairns Hot Air Balloon
Up to a dozen hot air balloons floating west of Cairns, Queensland Australia, with visitors from 20 different countries will be part of a live webcast of
the 2012 total solar eclipse.

SLOOH will broadcast a free, real-time feed of the stunning total solar eclipse live from Cairns, Australia. The broadcast team includes Patrick Paolucci, Bob Berman, Lucie Green, Matt Francis and Paul Cox.

Cairns City Eclipse 2012 webcam
Can’t make it to Cairns to see the Eclipse? No problem! Just check back on 14 November before 6:39am AEST (GMT+10) to see it live on our webcam.

GLORIA Project
Videos and pictures of the eclipse will be broadcast live on the internet starting at 20:30 UT. Additionally meteorological data will be collected to allow students to perform an interactive experiment. During the broadcast there will be live commentary in Spanish and English.

Live Web Camera from Port Douglas Australia 2012


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