Letters of Intent received in 2020

LoI 2022-2132
Non-GA Symposium, Assembling Planetary Systems

Date: 25 July 2022 to 29 July 2022
Category: Non-GA Symposium
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Contact: Joan Wrobel (jwrobel@nrao.edu)
Coordinating division: Division H Interstellar Matter and Local Universe
Other divisions: Division B Facilities, Technologies and Data Science
Division F Planetary Systems and Astrobiology
Division G Stars and Stellar Physics
Co-Chairs of SOC: Andrea Isella (Rice University)
Munetake Momose (Ibaraki University)
Laura Perez (Universidad de Chile)
Michiel Hogerheijde (Leiden University)
Co-Chairs of LOC: Daisuke Iono (NAOJ)
Karen Prairie (NRAO)
Joan Wrobel (NRAO)



- Demographics and initial mass function of planets
- Formation of planetary systems down to sub-au scales
- Roles of dust, gas and snow lines in planetesimal formation,
assembly and evolution of newborn planets
- Formation and characterization of prebiotic molecules and their
- Onset of planet habitability
- Placing the Solar system in the context of exoplanet discoveries
and planet formation theories
- Formation of stars and protoplanetary disks (at smallest scales)
- Atmospheres of exoplanets and their connection with
protoplanetary disks
- Detection and characterization of young planets in disks