Consent to Publish & Transfer of Copyright

For the mutual benefit and protection of Authors and the International Astronomical Union (hereafter referred to as the IAU) it is necessary that Authors provide formal written Consent to Publish & Transfer of Copyright before publication of their work.

The signed Consent ensures that IAU has the Author's permission to publish the relevant Work. The signed Transfer entitles the IAU and/or its Publisher on behalf of the Author to protect the Work against un-authorized use and to authorize dissemination of the Work by means of offprints, legitimate photocopies, microform editions, reprints, translations, and secondary information sources such as abstracting and indexing services including data bases.

The Publisher hereby requests the Author to complete and return this form promptly to the Editor of the book so as to ensure the proper conduct of business.

If you are submitting a copyright form for a Symposia, please indicate in the following format: IAU-XX-IAUSXXX-XXXX
For Focus Meetings simply indicate the number of the FM (ie: FM 1, 2 etc. )

1. The Author hereby assigns to the IAU the copyright to the Contribution named above whereby the IAU shall have the exclusive right to publish the said Contribution and translations of it wholly or in part throughout the World during the full term of copyright including renewals and extensions and all subsidiary rights subject only to the following.

2. The Author retains the right to republish the Contribution in any collection consisting solely of the Author's own Works without charge and subject only to notifying the IAU of the intent to do so and ensuring that the publication of the IAU is properly credited and that the relevant copyright notice is repeated verbatim.

3. In the event of receiving any other request to reprint or translate all or part of the Contribution the IAU shall endeavor to obtain the approval of the Author prior to giving any such permission.

4. The Author guarantees that the Contribution is original, has not been published previously, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that any necessary permission to quote from another source has been obtained (a copy of any such permission is supplied herewith).

Note: Any restrictions to compliance with the foregoing should please be specified in the 'Comments' field below.

An author who is a U.S. Government officer or employee and who prepared the paper as a part of his or her official duties does not own any copyright in it. If at least one of the authors is not in this category, that author should sign below. If all of the authors are in this category, please check the box below and return the form unsigned.

All authors are U.S. Government officials or employees and prepared the submitted article as part of their official duties.