Division A Fundamental Astronomy

Awards & Prizes

Division A  IAU PhD prize - PhD Prize to Recognise Excellence in Astrophysics.

2022 Irene de Blasi, Italy, "Dynamics and stability in Celestial Mechanics: from galactic billiards to Nekhoroshev estimates"
2021 Chris Hamilton, UK, "Secular Dynamics of Binaries in Stellar Clusters"
2020 Etienne Savalle, France, "Testing General Relativity with clocks in space and exploring new ways to detect dark matter with cold atoms in space and in the laboratory"
2019 Joseph O’Leary, Australia, "General relativistic and post-Newtonian dynamics for near-Earth objects and solar system bodies"
2017 Gisela Ortiz Leon, Mexico, "Ultra-high precision astrometry with centimeter and millimeter very long baseline interferometry"

Honorary mention from the Division

2022 Ding HAO, Australia, Enhancing the use of Galactic neutron stars as physical laboratories with precise astrometry
2020 Lei Zhang, China, "Pulsar Observation and Study with FAST and Parkes Radio Telescope"


AAS American Astronomical Society 2023 Berkeley Prize

The 2023 Lancelot M. Berkeley - New York Community Trust Prize for Meritorious Work in Astronomy has been awarded to the Gaia Collaboration.
"The Gaia collaboration is being honored with the 2023 Berkeley prize for enabling a transformative, multidimensional map of the Milky Way.


AAS/DDA Dirk Brouwer prize recognizes a major contributor to the field of Dynamical Astronomy.

2021 Lennart Lindegren
2016 Sylvio Ferraz Mello
2015 Douglas Lin
2014 Joseph Burns
2013 Jerry Sellwood
2012 Lia Athanassoula
2011 Andrea Milani
2009 Victor Brumberg
2007 Jacques Laskar
2006 James Williams
2001 E. Myles Standish
1998 Scott D. Tremaine
1996 Brian Marsden
1993 Stanton Peale
1990 Yoshihide Kozai
1988 Irwin Shapiro
1986 Peter Goldreich
1985 Andre Deprit
1984 Michel C. Henon
1983 Walter Fricke
1982 George Contopoulos

AAS/DPS Harold C. Urey Prize recognizes and encourages outstanding achievements in planetary science by a young scientist.

2011 Eric B. Ford
2004 Jean-Luc Margot
2000 Alessandro Morbidelli
1999 Douglas P. Hamilton
1997 Renu Malhotra
1992 Jack J. Lissauer
1990 David J. Tholen

EPSC Paolo Farinella Prize acknowledges an outstanding researcher not older than 47 years (the age of Farinella when he passed away) who has achieved important results in one of Farinella’s fields of work.

2019 Scott Sheppard (and Chad Trujillo)
2016 Kleomenis Tsigani
2014 David Vokrouhlicky
2013 Patrick Michel
2012 John Chambers

2022 Lennart Lindegren and Michael Perryman receive the Shaw Prize in Astronomy for their lifetime contributions to space astrometry. In particular, the award recognises their role in the conception and design of the European Space Agency’s Hipparcos and Gaia missions.

Tycho Brahe Prize laureate - The EAS Tycho Brahe Medal is awarded in recognition of the development or exploitation.
of European instruments or major discoveries based largely on such instruments.

2011 Michael Perryman
2015 Michel Mayor

2009 Michael Kramer : awarded the Marcel Grossman by the ICRA for Research in Gravitation and Astrophysics, for "his fundamental contributions to pulsar astrophysics, and notably for having first confirmed the existence of spin-orbit precession in binary pulsars".


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