Division E Meeting at the XXX General Assembly:

Vienna, Austria, 24 and 27 August 2018


Yihua Yan – NAOC – Beijing (China)


Abstract list for Div.E
Poster list for Div.E

Friday, 24. Aug.

Solar Interior and Dynamo
Chair: Yihua Yan, Natalie Krivova

room: L3
10:30 - Howe, Rachel (Helioseismology/evidence for change in dynamo)
11:00 - Böning, Vincent (Inferences of the Deep Solar Meridional Flow)
11:15 - Yang, Dan (Helioseismic Holography Using Multiple Vantage Points)
11:30 - Hanson, Chris (Supervised Neural Networks for Helioseismic Ring-diagram Inversions)
11:45 - Moore, Christopher (The Solar Corona viewed through the MinXSS)

Solar Atmospheres and Activities
Chair: Marc L DeRosa, Lyndsay Fletcher

room: L3
13:30 - Temmer, Manuela (Early CME evolution and associated phenomena in the solar atmosphere)
14:00 - Veronig, Astrid (On the factors determining the eruptive character of solar flares)
14:15 - Göker, Ümit Deniz (emporal Variations of Different Solar Activity Indices and Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability of Some Chromospheric Emission Lines Through the Solar Cycles 21-23)
14:30 - Menezes, Fabian (The subterahertz sun: equatorial and polar radii from SST and ALMA)
14:45 - Wheatland, Michael (Changes in the photospheric magnetic field produced by flares)

Solar Atmospheres and Activities
Chair: Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi,Rudolf von Steiger

room: L3

15:30 - Benz, Arnold O. (Electron Acceleration in Nanoflares and Preflares - Relevant for Coronal Heating?)
15:45 - Bisoi, Susanta Kumar (Evidence of a distant decimetric radio source connected to the main flare site: First high temporal and spatial GMRT observations)

16:00 - Yan, Yihua (A Ciruclar Ribbon Flare Event as Observed by MUSER)
16:15 - Park, Eunsu (AI-generated EUV images of the Sun)
16:30 - Mrozek, Tomasz (The catalogue of failed eruptions registered by the SDO/AIA)
16:45 - Barnes, Graham (Understanding the Where and the How Big of Solar Flares)

Solar Wind, Heliospheric Transients and Space Weather
Chair: Toshifumi Shimizu

room: L3
17:00 - Kilpua, Emilia (Recent Living Review on CMEs in interplanetary space)
17:30 - Russell, Christopher (The Solar Wind over the Last Four Sunspot Cycles)
18:00 - Moon, Yong-Jae (Application of deep learning methods for image-to-image translation to solar and geophysical data)
18:15 - Holappa, Lauri (IMF By-dependent enhancement in high-latitude geomagnetic activity in local winter)
18:30 - Jeon, Seonggyeong (Statistical study on the kinematic classification of coronal mass ejections from 4 to 30 solar radii)


Monday, 27. Aug.

PhD. Prize talks & Poster Session
Chair: Sarah Gibson, Rudolf von Steiger

room: L3
10:30 - Takasao, Shinsuke (Toward understanding of the production and evolution of large solar flares)
10:45 - Gebreegzabihar, Kinfe (Influence of Active Region Inflows in a 3D Babcock-Leighton Solar Dynamo Model)
11:00 - posters

Science Opportunity with Solar Instrumentation
Chair: Sarah Gibson, Ingrid Mann

room: L3
13:30 - Solanki, Sami (Science from Solar Orbiter)
13:45 - Martinez Pillet, Valentin (Science from DKIST)
14:00 - Vourlidas, Angelos (Science from Parker Solar Probe)
14:15 - Shimojo, Masumi (Solar Science with ALMA)
14:30 - Yuanyong Deng (Science from Space & ground-based Solar Instrumentation in China)
14:45 - Klein, Karl-Ludwig (radio diagnostics of the Sun with old and the new instruments)

Business Meeting of Division E and its Commissions, WGs
Chair: Yihua Yan

room: L3

15:30 - Yihua Yan (Division E President's report)
15:55 - Vanessa McBride (OAD Representative)
15:58 - Natalie Krivova (Commission C.E1 President's report)

16:08 - Lyndsay Fletcher (Commission C.E2 President's report)
16:18 - Ingrid Mann (Commission C.E3 President's report)
16:28 - Dibyendu Nandi (“Impact of Magnetic Activity on Solar and Stellar Environments” WG Chair’s Report)
16:36 - Jay M. Pasachoff (“Solar Eclipses” WG Chair’s Report)
16:44 - Frederic Clette/Alexei A. Pevtsov (“Coordination of Synoptic Observations of the Sun” WG Chairs’ Report)
16:52 - Greg Kopp/Alexander I. Shapiro (“Solar Irradiance” WG Chairs’ Report)


Yihua Yan

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