Division G Days at the XXIX GA

Starting from 2015 each IAU Division will have Division Meetings during IAU General Assemblies. The triennial Division Meetings are scientific meetings with a duration of two days. They should not be confused with the usual business meetings of Divisions and/or Commissions which are organized as Splinter Meetings. Both oral sessions and poster papers are scheduled for the Division Meetings.

The following is the oral paper schedule (with the first author listed) for Division G. The links provide PDF versions of papers provided by the authors.

7 August 2015 FRIDAY

Session 1: Introduction

  • The first stars - Recent results and prospectives by A. Frebel
  • Recent results on the connection between massive stars and supernovae by D. Hillier
  • Measurements of magnetic fields in different types of stars by J.D. Landstreet
  • Stellar Spectroscopy during Exoplanet Transits: Revealing structures across stellar surfaces by D. Dravins

Session 2: Binary Stars

  • High spatial resolution observations of binary stars using AO imaging and interferometry by G. Schaefer
  • High-precision Velocimetry Reveals δ Cephei's Secret Companion by R.I. Anderson
  • Quasi-Periodic Long-Term Quadrature Light Variability in Early Type Interacting Binary Systems by G.J. Peters

Session 3: Abundances, Spectra and More

  • Superheavy Elements and its Theoretical Perspective During Explosion of Supernova Type II by R. Baruah
  • The Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Spectral Library Project by T. Ayres
  • Characterizing Retired A Stars by L. Ghezzi
  • The formation of circumstellar disk and the angular momentum transport in protostellar cores by P. Hennebelle

Session 5: Pulsating Stars

10 August 2015 MONDAY

Session 6: Large-Scale Surveys and Variability

Session 7: High-Mass and Luminous Stars

  • Mass Loss in Massive Stars Across the H-R Diagram: Transients, Dust Production, and the End Stages of Stellar Evolution by E. Levesque
  • Revealing Large-Scale Asymmetries in the Winds of Hot, Luminous Stars Using Spectroscopy and Polarimetry by N. St-Louis
  • Super-equipartition Convective Dynamo Action in the Cores of B-Type Stars by K.C. Augustson
  • Asymptotic Giant Branch Variables in the Isolated Local Group Dwarf Irregular IC1613 by P.A. Whitelock

Session 8: Low-Mass and Degenerate Stars

  • Vertical mixing and fingering convection in cool brown dwarf atmospheres by P. Tremblin
  • A Pan-STARRS-1 Search for Substellar Young Moving Group Members by K.M. Aller
  • The (Very) Slow Rotation of Magnetic Ap Stars by G. Mathys
  • Are All Magnetic White Dwarf Stars Massive? by A. Nitta
  • On the Formation of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources with Neutron Star Accretors: the Case of M82 X-2 by T. Fragos

Poster Papers

The complete program for the General Assembly, including the Division G program, is available online at http://www.astronomy2015.org. The program includes abstracts for all the papers, including the accepted poster papers listed below.

  • Update on New Spectroscopic Orbits of Potential Interferometric Binaries by M. Williamson
  • Apsidal Motions of Twenty-Seven Binary Systems in the Small Magellanic Cloud by K. Hong
  • Precise and accurate assessment of uncertainties in model parameters from stellar interferometry. Application to stellar diameters by R. Lachaume
  • Accuracy of the atmospheric parameters determination in FGK stars based on spectral fitting by L. Mashonkina
  • The benefit of SB9 for authors of orbits by D. Pourbaix
  • Recent observations of PreContact WUMa Binaries by R.G. Samec
  • Direct Distance Estimation applied to Eclipsing Binaries in Star Clusters: Case Study of DS Andromedae in NGC 752 by E.F. Milone
  • The abundance pattern of heavy elements in Sirius: Impact of modern observations (STIS) and improved Atomic data by C.R. Cowley
  • Doppler Tomography and Photometry of the Cataclysmic Variable 1RXS J064434.5+334451 by J. Echevarria
  • The Visual Double Star Catalogs by B.D. Mason
  • Close Double Stars from Occultation Video Recordings by D.W. Dunham
  • Fluorescence Processes in the Outer Atmospheres of the Evolved M-Stars Alpha Ori (M2 Iab) and Gamma Cru (M3.4 III) by K. Carpenter
  • Strange Nonchaotic Stars by V. Kohar
  • Search for Variable Stars in Six Southern Globular Clusters by D. Lee
  • Observational Constraints on the Fundamental Properties of White Dwarf Stars by T.D. Oswalt
  • Spectropolarimetry of Giant stars: Probing the influence of magnetic field on evolved stars Spectropolarimetry of Giant stars: Probing the influence of magnetic field on evolved stars by J. da Costa
  • V and K-band Mass-Luminosity Relations for M Dwarf Stars by G.F. Benedict
  • The Pan-STARRS 1 Medium Deep Field Variable Star Catalog by H. Flewelling
  • Correlating chromospheric and photospheric activity of FK Com by K. Vida
  • Identification of Be Stars from the LAMOST Data by C. Lin