Juan Venancio Hernandez Santisteban

Juan Venancio Hernandez Santisteban

University of St Andrews
School of Physics & Astronomy
North Haugh
St Andrews KY16 9SS
United Kingdom

Email: jvhs1st-andrewsacuk
Personal website: http://www.alymantara.com
Organization website: http://api.uva.nl/profile/h/e/j.v.hernandezsantisteban/j.v.hernandez-santisteban.html?origin=SMjKOJHhQl%2BSSXbE5FPrkA

NCA adherence: Netherlands

Last updated:
June 19, 2019

IAU Status

Active Member (Junior Member)

Affiliation(s) within the IAU

Areas of interest

1 - General: 1.9 - Astronomy outreach, 1.10 - Astronomy for Development
2 - Physical data and processes: 2.5 - Accretion, accretion disks
3 - Astronomical instrumentation, methods and techniques: 3.10 - Telescopes: optical
4 - Astronomical data bases: 4.1 - Astronomical databases: miscellaneous
8 - Stars: 8.5 - Stars: black holes, 8.6 - Stars: brown dwarfs, 8.25 - Stars: neutron, 8.26 - Stars: novae, cataclysmic variables, 8.39 - Stars: white dwarfs
11 - Galaxies: 11.2 - Galaxies: active, 11.28 - Galaxies: quasars

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