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Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible to apply as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Individual Members listed in the IAU Directory have a valid, public email, and are affiliated to at least one Division. They are labeled as "Active Members". For corrections and updates, please contact Any members remaining Inactive for more than 10 years will be removed from the IAU lists.

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Additionally, while only Active Members are listed in the IAU Directory, you may still search for Active, Inactive or Deceased Members in the search field to your right.

Total number of IAU Individual members:13127.


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Name▼ Location NCA adherence
Bodewits, Dennis United States United States
Bodo, Gianluigi Italy Italy
Boechat-Roberty, Heloisa M. Brazil Brazil
Boehm, Johannes Austria Austria
Boehm, Karl-Heinz (Inactive) United States United States
Boehm, Torsten C. France France
Boehnhardt, Hermann (Inactive) Chile Chile
Böhringer, Hans Germany Germany
Boeker, Torsten United States United States
Boër, Michel France France
Boerner, Gerhard (Inactive) Germany Germany
Boerngen, Freimut Germany Germany
Boesgaard, Ann M. United States United States
Boeshaar, Gregory Orth (Inactive) United States United States
Böttcher, Markus South Africa South Africa
Boffin, Henri M.J. Germany Chile
Bogdan, Thomas J. United States United States
Bogdanovicius, Pavelas, Deceased (1946-) Lithuania
Boggess, Albert United States United States
Boggess, Nancy W. United States United States
Bognár, Zsófia Hungary Hungary
Bogod, Vladimir M. Russian Federation Russian Federation
Bogosavljević, Milan Serbia, Republic of Serbia, Republic of
Bohacova, Martina Czech Republic Czech Republic
Bohannan, Bruce Edward (Inactive) United States United States
Bohlender, David Allan Canada Canada
Bohlin, J. David (Inactive) United States United States
Bohlin, Ralph C. United States United States
Böhm, Karl-Heinz, Deceased (1923-2014) United States
Böhm, Asmus Austria Austria
Böhm, Sigrid Austria Austria
Bohm-Vitense, Erika, Deceased (1923-2017) United States
Bohrmann, Alfred, Deceased Germany
Boice, Daniel Craig United States United States
Boily, Christian M. France France
Bois, Eric France France
Boischot, André (Inactive) France France
Boisse, Patrick France France
Boissier, Samuel France France
Boisson, Catherine France France
Bojurova, Eva Stefanova Bulgaria Bulgaria
Bok, Bart J., Deceased (1906-1983) United States
Boksenberg, Alec United Kingdom United Kingdom
Boland, Wilfried Netherlands Netherlands
Bolatto, Alberto D. United States United States
Bolcal, Cetin (Inactive) Turkey Turkey
Boldt, Elihu, Deceased (1931-) United States
Bolejko, Krzysztof Australia Australia
Boles, Thomas United Kingdom United Kingdom
Boley, Aaron C. Canada Canada
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