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Professional scientists whose research is directly relevant to some branch of astronomy are eligible to apply as Individual Members. Individual Members are, normally, admitted by the Executive Committee on the proposal of a National Member.

Individual Members listed in the IAU Directory have a valid, public email, and are affiliated to at least one Division. They are labeled as "Active Members". For corrections and updates, please contact Any members remaining Inactive for more than 10 years will be removed from the IAU lists. 

Additionally, while only Active Members are listed in the IAU Directory, you may still search for Active, Inactive or Deceased Members in the search field to your right.

Total number of IAU Individual members:13135.


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Name Location NCA adherence▼
Miralles, Joan-Marc Andorra AA-Country unknown
Mohammed, Ali Talib Iraq AA-Country unknown
McKellar, A. AA-Country unknown AA-Country unknown
Magnaradze, Nina AA-Country unknown
Mecheri, Redouane Algeria Algeria
Makhlouf, Amar Algeria Algeria
Marraco, Hugo G. Argentina Argentina
Maffione, Nicolás Pablo Argentina Argentina
Mosconi, Mirta, Deceased (1954-) Argentina
Martin, Maria C. Argentina Argentina
Manrique, Walter Tomas Argentina Argentina
Mauas, Pablo Argentina Argentina
Muriel, Hernán Argentina Argentina
Muzzio, Juan Carlos Argentina Argentina
Melita, Mario Daniel Argentina Argentina
Merlo, David Constantino Argentina Argentina
Machado, Marcos, Deceased (1949-2018) Argentina
Mallamaci, Claudio Carlos Argentina Argentina
Milone, Luis, Deceased (1934-2016) Argentina
Mandrini, Cristina H. Argentina Argentina
Marabini, Rodolfo, Deceased (1938-) Argentina
Miller Bertolami, Marcelo Miguel Argentina Argentina
Morras, Ricardo Argentina Argentina
Malaroda, Stella, Deceased (1945-2015) Argentina
Magakian, Tigran Y. Armenia Armenia
Melikian, Norair D. Armenia Armenia
Mahtessian, Abraham P. Armenia Armenia
Movsessian, Tigran Armenia Armenia
Mickaelian, Areg M. Armenia Armenia
Melik-Alaverdian, Yu Armenia Armenia
Mirzoyan, Ludwik Armenia
Mnatsakanian, Mamikon A. Armenia Armenia
Markarjan, B. E. Armenia Armenia
Malumian, Vigen, Deceased (1932-2013) Armenia
McGregor, Peter John Australia Australia
McSaveney, Jennifer A. Australia Australia
McAdam, Bruce W.B. Australia Australia
McKinnon, David H. Australia Australia
Meatheringham, Stephen Australia Australia
Martell, Sarah Australia Australia
Mills, Franklin P. Australia Australia
Mathewson, Donald S. Australia Australia
McClure-Griffiths, Naomi M. Australia Australia
Manchester, Richard N. Australia Australia
McCulloch, Peter M. Australia Australia
McConnell, David Australia Australia
McGee, Richard, Deceased (1921-) Australia
Maxted, Nigel I Australia Australia
Mastrano, Alpha Australia Australia
Macquart, Jean-Pierre Australia Australia
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