Individual Members since the 2015 IAU GA



Total number of Individual IAU members added in 2015: 1196

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Name▼ Location NCA adherence
Rabello Soares, M. Cristina United States Brazil
Rabinowitz, David L United States United States
Rafelski, Marc United States United States
Rafferty, David Germany Germany
rahmani, hadi France France
Rahoma, Walid Ali Ahmed Egypt Egypt
Ramstedt, Sofia Sweden Sweden
Randall, Scott W. United States United States
Rao, Ramprasad P United States United States
Rao, Sandhya M. United States United States
Raskin, Gert Belgium Belgium
Rattenbury, Nicholas James New Zealand New Zealand
Ratzka, Thorsten Germany Germany
Ray, Subharthi South Africa South Africa
Razzano, Massimiliano Italy Italy
Reed, Michael D United States United States
Reed, Phillip A United States United States
Re Fiorentin, Paola Italy Italy
Regaly, Zsolt Hungary Hungary
Reichardt, Christian L Australia Australia
Renner, Stéfan France France
Ressler, Michael E United States United States
Rest, Armin United States United States
Ridpath, Ian W. United Kingdom United Kingdom
Rigaut, Francois J Australia Australia
Riguccini, Laurie Brazil Brazil
Ripa, Jakub Czech Republic Czech Republic
Ritchey, Adam Michael United States United States
Roa Garzon, Maximo Alejandro Germany Germany
Robert, Vincent France France
Robishaw, Timothy Canada Canada
Robotham, Aaron S.G. Australia Australia
Rodriguez, Sébastien France France
Rodriguez-Ferreira, Julián Colombia Colombia
Héctor Rodríguez Merino, Lino Mexico Mexico
Rodriguez-Pacheco Martin, Javier Spain Spain
Rodríguez-Rico, Carlos A Mexico Mexico
Rojas-Ayala, Bárbara Portugal Portugal
Roman-Lopes, Alexandre Chile Chile
Romano, Donatella Italy Italy
Rondoni, Lamberto Italy Italy
Rosenberg González, Alfred Spain Spain
Roukema, Boudewijn F. Poland France
Rueda Hernandez, Jorge Armando Italy Italy
Rujopakarn, Wiphu Thailand Thailand
Ryan, Erin Lee United States United States

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