ann12013 — Announcement

IAU Symposia selected for 2013

4 May 2012

Dates Number Title City Country
Jan. 6-11 IAUS 296 Supernova environmental impacts Kolkata (Calcutta) India
May 20-24 IAUS 297 The diffuse interstellar bands Haarlem Netherlands
May 20-24 IAUS 298

Setting the scene for Gaia and LAMOST — the current and next generations of surveys and models

Lijiang China Nanjing
Jun. 2-7 IAUS 299

Exploring the formation and evolution of planetary systems

Victoria, BC Canada
Jun. 10-16 IAUS 300

Nature of prominences and their role in space weather

Paris France
Aug. 19-23 IAUS 301 Precision asteroseismology Wroclaw Poland
Aug. 25-30 IAUS 302 Magnetic fields throughout stellar evolution Biarritz France
Sep. 30-Oct. 4 IAUS 303

The galactic center: Feeding and feedback in a normal galactic nucleus

Santa Fe, NM USA
Oct. 7-11 IAUS 304 Multiwavelength AGN surveys and studies Byurakan Armenia


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