ann12026 — Announcement

Joining the New Divisions

6 December 2012

On 6 December 2012, a mass e-mail has been sent to the 10,886 individual members of the IAU, giving instructions on how to register for the new Divisions.

If you are an IAU member and did not receive this e-mail, it means that our database does not have the adequate information for you (wrong, outdated or missing e-mail address etc.). In this case, please contact urgently the IAU Secretariat by sending an e-mail with all the relevant details to

The Secretariat will then arrange to have the instructions sent to you.


Notes about possible spam problems

Following our first mass e-mail about joining the new Divisions, we have been made aware that our message was being rejected as spam by some institutes, even major ones. So please help us by contacting colleagues from other institutes to make sure they received our first message, and/or this reminder.

If a spam problem occurs, we're sorry we cannot solve it. The only way to proceed for you or your colleagues is to urgently take two actions:

  • Contact your system manager, to remove the sender address "" from your black list, otherwise any future message from the IAU will be rejected;
  • Check your own spam box (and/or that of your institute): our preceding message may still be there, so that you can remove it and answer.

Please do NOT contact the IAU Secretariat in this case!

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