Date sent: 30 October 2018, 13:19

From: Cristina Popescu - President Commission J1 (

Subject: Welcome mail from the Organising Committee of Commission J1 (2018-2021)

Dear Members of IAU Commission J1, The Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies,

The members of the 2018-2021 Organising Committee of IAU Commission J1 (The Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies) would like to take the opportunity to introduce themselves to all of you. The newly elected members and those serving their second term are:

President: Cristina Carmen Popescu (University of Central Lancashire, UK;

Vice-President: Nikolaos D. Kylafis (University of Crete, Greece;

Secretary: Daniel Schaerer (University of Geneva, Switzerland;

1st term Members:

Mederic Boquien (University of Antofagasta, Chile;

Michael James Isles Brown (Monash University, Australia;

Ralf Siebenmorgen (ESO, Germany;

2nd term Member: Toru Yamada (Tohoku University, Japan;

Advisor (Past President): Denis Burgarella (Aix-Marseille University,

We are looking forward to interact with you, to hearing from your suggestions on how we can do better, on new initiatives, and on areas of concern.

We would like to remind you that there is an open call for IAU Symposia to be held in 2020 ( The deadline for submitting the full proposal is December 15, 2018. If you intend to submit a proposal that is related to the goals of Commission J1, we would be more than happy to advise and support your application. However, we would ask you to give us enough notice, as any feedback we may have is usually implemented through an iterative process between you and us, and this requires time. So please do not contact us just a few days before the deadline.

We would also like to draw your attention to the opening of IAU Junior Memberships (, and, as part of the general IAU initiative, our Commission would be delighted to attract junior members on board. So please distribute these news amongst your junior fellows.

During the past term our Commission has created two working groups: RELIGAS ( (Chairs: Michael Brown and Carlotta Gruppioni) and DB2SED ( Samir Salim and Anja Schroeder). The webpage of our Commission ( contains links to these WGs, and we would encourage you to give feedback and input on the activities and scientific goals of the working groups.

Once again, please do not hesitate to contact us on any matters related to the activities of Commission J1.

Best regards,

Cristina C. Popescu

President IAU Commission J1


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