Date sent: 4 May 2015, 10:31

From: Elena Pian (

Subject: IAU Division D Bulletin: Special Issue

*** IAU Division D Bulletin _Special Issue_ ***

This special edition of the IAU Div D Bulletin aims at drawing members’ attention
to some urgent IAU Div D matters. The opportunity to add a few meeting reminders
is also taken:


* Sign-up for Commissions, deadline May 15
* IAU GA registration, deadline May 28
* Elections of IAU DSCs, DVPs and DPs
* Upcoming Meetings


Sign-up for Commissions

IAU Members should have received their code to sign up for up to 3 of the IAU new commissions, see
message by Thierry Montmerle of 29 April 2015. The new commissions of Division D are:

C.D1 Gravitational Wave Astrophysics (Regular Commission)
C.X1 Supermassive Black Holes, Feedback, and Galaxy Evolution (Cross-Division Commission)
C.J1 Galaxy Spectral Energy Distributions (Inter-Division Commission)

See full commissions list at:
Deadline for signing up is May 15, 2015.


Registration to IAU GA XXIX

This is a reminder that registration for the IAU XXIX General Assembly in Honolulu
(3-14 August 2015) is open until 28 May, 2015. Please register at:

For the first time, the IAU GA will host Division meetings. Information is available on our meeting page at

and through the official GA web site at

IAU Symposia and Focus Meetings hosted by the GA, that are particularly relevant to Division D are:

IAU Symposium 319:
Focus Meeting n. 6:
Focus Meeting n. 10:
Focus Meeting n. 12:
Focus Meeting n. 14:
Focus Meeting n. 18:


Elections of IAU DSCs, DVPs and DS

In early June 2015, elections for Division Steering Committees, Vice-Presidents and Presidents
will be held, see message by Thierry Montmerle of 30 April 2015. If you would like to stand for
election as Division D SC member, Vice-President or President, please submit your candidacy
statement before May 15, 2015. This should consist in a 150-word statement of your interest
with a photo inserted, mentioning any past relevant experience with the IAU. Please send this
application material as a single merged pdf file by email to by 15 May, 2015.


Upcoming Meetings

A non-exhaustive list of meetings for which registration deadline is quickly approaching includes:

EWASS 2015 —>

The Universe in High-Resolution X-ray Spectra (Chandra Workshop 2015):

The Neutron Star Radius, And All That Jazz

Inclusive Astronomy 2015

The first scientific conference dedicated to the Athena X-ray observatory

La Plata city, October 5-8, 2015

A comprehensive list of Meetings on a broad range of relevant topics is
available at:


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