Date sent: 30 June 2015, 16:53

From: Thierry Montmerle (

Subject: Division Steering Committee elections: first results


To: All IAU members
From: Thierry Montmerle

Dear colleagues,

As planned, I’m communicating to you the first results of the Division Steering Committee elections.

More details and election statistics, along with the full composition of the DSCs for the period 2015-2018, will be given in an Announcement to be posted on the IAU web site tomorrow.

I want to thank warmly all the candidates who participated in this election, and who thereby contributed to a "better IAU" as a community.

Thierry Montmerle


- Division A:

*April 17th Election:
Membership: 1240
Votes - President/VP Election: 370 (29.8 %)

President (elected in April): Anne Lemaitre
Vice-President (elected in April): Daniel Hestroffer

*June 26th Election:
Membership: 1237
Votes - SC members: 364 (29.4 %)

New SC members (elected in June): Elisa Arias, Fernando Roig, Ralph Gaume

- Division B:
Membership: 2745
Votes: 656 (23.9%)

President: Pietro Ubertini
Vice-President: Michael Burton
New SC members: Ana I. Gomez de Castro, Peter Quinn, Wenwu Tian

- Division C:
Membership: 1532
Votes: 401 (26.2 %)

President: John Hearnshaw
Vice-President: Susana Deustua
New SC members: Katrien Kolenberg, Lina Strubbe, Pamela L. Gay, Saeko S. Hayashi

- Division D:
Membership: 1595
Votes: 388 (24.3 %)

President: Chryssa Kouveliotou
Vice-President: Elena Pian
New SC members: Anna Watts, Isabelle Grenier, Tadayasu Dotani

- Division E:
Membership: 1145
Votes: 309 (27.0 %)

President: Yihua Yan
Vice-President: Sarah Gibson
New SC members: Toshifumi Shimizu, Eduard Kontar, Nandita Srivastava

- Division F:
Membership: 1717
Votes: 459 (26.7 %)

President: Nadre Haghighipour
Vice-President: Gonzalo Tancredi
New SC members: Maria Barucci, Daniela Lazzaro, Athena Coustenis

- Division G:
Membership: 2765
Votes: 698 (25.2 %)

President: Corinne Charbonnel
Vice-President: David Soderblom
New SC members: Tabetha Boyajian, Geraldine Joan Peters, Pierre Kervella

- Division H:
Membership: 2241
Votes: 603 (26.9 %)

President: Bruce Elmegreen
Vice-President: Leonardo Testi
New SC members: Eva Schinnerer, Francisca Kemper, Cristina Chiappini

- Division J:
Membership: 2663
Votes: 551 (20.7 %)

President: Claus Leitherer
Vice-President: Matthew Malkan
New SC members: Leslie Hunt, Marcella Carollo, Jeremy Mould

Thierry Montmerle (Dr.)
General Secretary
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Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
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