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Subject: IAU Division D On-line Bulletin N. 10 - July 1st, 2016

IAU Division D Bulletin N. 10: July 1st, 2016


  • Approved 2017 IAU Symposia
  • On the Office of Astronomy for Development and the involvement of Division D
  • Conference Report, Astronomy and Space Physics 2016, Kyiv
  • Bilateral Indo-French project on compact binary coalescence
  • Upcoming Meetings

Approved 2017 IAU Symposia

You can find the list of IAU Symposia approved for 2017 at the following link:

On the Office of Astronomy for Development and the involvement of Division D

  1. On March 30th Kevin Govender from IAU’s Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) and the International Astronomical Union (IAU) were awarded the prestigious Edinburgh Medal to recognise their wide-reaching contribution to science. See here the news and comments:
  2. A session has been devoted at the IAU GA (Focus Meeting 20) to the OAD. The papers will be printed in the Proceedings. I was representing Div D at the Division Panel Discussion. I urge you to read all the papers when they will be published, in the mean time I suggest you to consider your personal involvement along these two guidelines.
    1. collecting the resources that can be used for best practice (form assessment material to relevant TED talks; from management advice to teacher recruitment.) and using the OAD as a repository.
    2. finding new ways of using our astronomy skills for a better world. The list for our Division includes, but is not limited to: technology; statistics; x-rays in general; programming and visualization tools; analytic skills; inspiration.

Please feel free to contact Anna Wolter (, for any inquiry and suggestions you might have on the OAD.

Conference Report, Astronomy and Space Physics 2016, Kyiv

The international conference "Astronomy and Space Physics" (ASPh-2016) was held on May 24-27, 2016 at the Astronomical Observatory of Taras, Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine ( The Conference covered:

  1. Astroparticle Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology,
  2. Solar System Research including Solar Physics and Solar Activity, Astrometry and Small Bodies of the Solar System, Atmosphere and Ionosphere Research.

It was attended by more than 100 scientists from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, who presented 103 reports. The participants appealed to colleagues to strengthen international and interdisciplinary cooperation. The results of the conference will be used for further scientific research and for improving existing lecture courses. The conference proceedings will be published, after peer review, in the Bulletin of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Astronomy (


Bilateral Indo-French project on gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence

A 3 year CEFIPRA/IFCPAR (Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research) bilateral project, with Prof. Eric Chassande-Mottin, Astroparticule et Cosmology (APC), Paris, on the topic of “Wavelet graph strategy for the coherent search of the compact binary coalescences” has been approved. For more information, please contact Dr Archana Pai (School of Physics, IISER-TVM, India),

Upcoming Conferences, Meetings, Workshops and Schools

Chandra science for the next decade
August 16-19 2016
Cambridge, MA, USA

LISA Symposium
5-9 September 2016

Cosmic Ray Origin - beyond the standard model
September 18-24 2016
San Vito di Cadore

Galaxy clusters: physics laboratories and cosmological probes
5-9 December 2016
Cambridge, UK

COSPAR Capacity Building Workshop in High Energy Astrophysics
20 February – 3 March 2017
University of Rio Negro, Viedma, Argentina

Astronomy and Space Physics (ASPh-2017)
23-26 May 2017
Astronomical observatory of Taras, Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

If you wish to share with IAU Div D any information about matters that may be relevant to the activities of Div D Members, please send an e-mail to by *** September 22nd, 2016 ***. This will appear in the next Bulletin issue, due to be sent out on or just before October 1st, 2016. Thank you in advance for your inputs, and best regards.

Anna Watts
Secretary of IAU Div D Steering Committee
Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam


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