IAU Special Sessions (GA)

SpS6: Science with large solar telescopes

Start date/time

August 22, 2012

End date/time

August 24, 2012


China, Nanjing


Gianna Cauzzi

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Coordinating Division

Division II Sun & Heliosphere

SOC Co-Chairs: Gianna Cauzzi (Italy), Alexandra Tritschler (United States), Yuanyong Deng (China Nanjing)

SOC Members: Tom Berger (United States), Manolo Collados (Spain), Phil Goode (United States), Siraj Hasan (India), Fernando Moreno Insertis (Spain), Jiong Qiu (United States), Goran Scharmer (Sweden), Wolfgang Schmidt (Germany), Manfred Schuessler (Germany), Steve Tomczyk (United States), Saku Tsuneta (Japan)

Editors of Proceedings: Gianna Cauzzi (Italy), Alexandra Tritschler (United States)


  • Key science problems for large solar telescopes.
  • Connections to modeling and simulations.
  • Advanced instrumentation and observing techniques for high-resolution observations of the solar atmosphere.
  • Status and operation of existing and future large solar telescopes.
  • Synergies and strategies for optimized scientific return from large facilities


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