IAU Special Sessions (GA)

SpS13: High-precision tests of stellar physics from high-precision photometry

Start date/time

August 27, 2012, 00:00

End date/time

August 31, 2012


China, Nanjing


Dave Soderblom

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SOC Co-Chairs: David Soderblom (United States), Andrea Dupree (United States)

SOC Members: Conny Aerts (Belgium), Martin Asplund (Germany), Annie Baglin (France), Timothy Bedding (Australia), Jadwiga Daszynska-Daszkiewicz (Poland), LiCai Deng (China Nanjing), Fabio Favata (Italy), Jianning Fu (China Nanjing), Marc Pinsonneault (United States), Ignasi Ribas (Spain), Sylvie Vauclair (France), Werner Weiss (Austria), Suzanne Aigrain (United Kingdom)

Editors of Proceedings: Lucianne Walkopwicz (United States), David Soderblom (United States) 


  • The current state of stellar models
  • What physical parameters can be learned from high-precision photometry
  • Properties of evolved stars
  • Tests of the interior physics of solar-type stars
  • Singular and unusual phenomena on stars
  • New insights into pulsating stars
  • Compact stars (including white dwarfs)
  • Stellar interiors and magnetic fields, convection, and activity.


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