IAU Special Sessions (GA)

SpS17: Light Pollution: Protecting Astronomical Sites and Increasing Global Awareness through Education

Start date/time

August 29, 2012, 00:00

End date/time

August 31, 2012


China, Nanjing

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Coordinating Division

Division XII Union-Wide Activities

Beatriz García (beatrizgarciautn@gmail.com)
Richard Green (rgreen@lbto.org)

SOC Co-Chairs: Richard Green (United States), Beatriz García (Argentina), Constance Walker (United States), Xue Sui Jian (China Nanjing)

SOC Members: Rosa Ros (Spain), WenJing Jin (China Nanjing), Stephen Pompea (United States), Elizabeth Alvarez del Castillo (United States), Russell Cannon (Australia), David Galadí-Enríquez (Spain), Brijesh Kumar (India), Malcolm Smith (Chile), Richard Wainscoat (United States), Jay Pasachoff (United States), Edward Guinan (United States), Mary Kay Hemenway (USA), Michèle Gerbaldi (France), Wim van Driel (France), Ramotholo Sefako (South Africa)

Editors of Proceedings: W. Scott Kardel (United States), Elizabeth Alvarez del Castillo (United States), Rosa Ros (Spain), Magda Stavinschi (Romania)


  • Media and Dark-Skies Images Worth 1000 Words
  • Public Outreach on Light Pollution by Amateur Astronomers
  • Role of Planetaria & Science Centers in Outreach on Light Pollution
  • Light Pollution's Effects on Wildlife and Health Issues
  • Light Pollution Education. The role of the School to change the social vision of this global problem
  • Education through Global Star-Hunting & "Nights of Darkness" Campaigns
  • Dark Skies Measurements for Education and Site Monitoring
  • Dark Sky Places, Starlight Reserves and Astro-Tourism
  • Light Pollution Education and Protecting Observatory Sites
  • Progress and Action Plan for Implementing IAU Resolution 2009 B5
  • Spectra of Artificial Blue-Rich Sources
  • Observational Studies Most Impacted by Contamination below 500 nm
  • Astronomical Input to Lighting Industry Development; Prospects for Success


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