IAU Symposia

IAUS 293: Formation, detection, and characterization of extrasolar habitable planets

Start date/time

August 27, 2012

End date/time

August 31, 2012


China, Nanjing


Nader Highighipour

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Coordinating Division

Division III Planetary Systems Sciences

SOC Co-Chairs: Nader Haghighipour (United States), Ji-Lin Zhou (China Nanjing)

SOC Members: Alan Boss (United States), Rudolf Dvorak (Austria), Pascale Ehrenfreund (Netherlands), Sylvio Ferraz-Mello (Brazil), Muriel Gargaud (France), Krzysztof Gozdziewski (Poland), Caitlin Griffith (United States), Shigeru Ida (Japan), Doug Lin (United States), Rosemary Mardling (Australia), Frédéric Masset (Mexico), Karen Meech (United States), Stéphane Udry (Switzerland), Gang Zhao (China Nanjing)

Editors of Proceedings: Nader Haghighipour (United States), Ji-Lin Zhou (China Nanjing)



  • Formation of terrestrial/habitable planets
  • Water on Earth and in other Solar System bodies
  • Methods of detecting habitable planets (RV, Transit, TTV, Microlensing, Astrometry) and mass determination
  • Processes affecting close-in planets (tides, tidal-locking, radiation)
  • Habitability and habitable zone
  • Interior dynamics of habitable planets
  • Atmospheric models and habitability
  • Planetary magnetic field and its connection to habitability
  • Prospects of the detection of biosignatures of extrasolar habitable planets
  • Habitability in extreme planetary systems (e.g., systems with: multiple planets, giant planets in close-in and/or eccentric orbits, binary star systems, Habitable moons, Trojan planets)


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