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IAUS 298: Setting the scene for Gaia and LAMOST - the current and next generations of surveys and models

Start date/time

May 20, 2013

End date/time

May 24, 2013


Lijiang (Yunnan Province),
China, Nanjing


Sofia Feltzing

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Coordinating Division

Division IV Stars

SOC Co-chairs: Gang Zhao (China Nanjing), Sofia Feltzing (Sweden)

SOC Members: Emilio Alfarro (Spain), Timothy Beers (USA), Masashi Chiba (Japan), Gaynadhi de Silva (Australia), Eva Grebel (Germany), Amina Helmi (Netherlands), Jacques Lépine (Brazil), François Mignard (France), Julio Navarro (Canada), Timo Prusti (Netherlands), Sofia Randich (Italy), Becham Reddy (India), Nicolas Walton (UK), Patricia Whitelock (South Africa), Manuela Zoccali (Chile)

Editors of Proceedings: Sofia Feltzing (Sweden), Nicolas Walton (UK), Patricia Whitelock (South Africa), Gang Zhao (China Nanjing)


  • The Milky Way as we know it
  • Updates on on-going and upcoming Galactic surveys
  • The state of the art of Milky Way modeling and how ongoing surveys and Gaia will inform these studies
  • The role of Interstellar medium, variable stars, astrometry in large scale surveys of the Galaxy


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