IAU Symposia

IAUS 299: Exploring the formation and evolution of planetary systems

Start date/time

June 2, 2013

End date/time

June 7, 2013




Brenda Matthews

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Coordinating Division

Division III Planetary Systems Sciences

SOC Co-Chairs: James Graham (Canada)

SOC Members: France Allard (France), Antonio Heles (Chile), Paul Kalas (USA), Matthew Kenworthy (Netherlands), Anne-Marie Lagrange (France), Doug Lin (China Nanjing), Bruce Macintosh (USA), Sarah Maddison (Australia), Dimitri Mawet (Chile), Amaya Moro-Martín (Spain), Ruth Murray-Clay (USA), Don Pollacco (UK), Didier Queloz (Switzerland), Motohide Tamura (Japan), David Wilner (USA)

Editors of Proceedings: Brenda Matthews (Canada), James Graham (Canada)


  1. Diversity and Evolution of Planetary Systems
  2. Protoplanetary discs: high resolution imaging, composition and structure
  3. Grains and Planetesimals
  4. Disc Chemistry
  5. Initial conditions of planet formation; planet formation pathways
  6. Signposts of planetary systems
  7. Dynamics in Planetary Systems: migration, multiplicity
  8. Exoplanet Atmospheres; composition, radiative transfer and circulation
  9. Interior Structure and Planetary Composition


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