Past Commission E1 Solar Radiation and Structure for 2015-2018

Parent Division: E

The IAU Commission “Solar Radiation and Structure” covers observational and theoretical aspects of the “quiet” Sun radiation, structure and variability.  The primary goals for the coming decade are to investigate and understand the solar composition, the interior structure and dynamics, the mechanism of the solar magnetic cycles, the structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere, the physics of magnetic structures, the sources of solar irradiance and long-term variability.  The Commission topics also include synoptic observing programs, observational, data analysis and modelling techniques, and coordination of international observing campaigns, space and ground-based observations.

The range of scientific topics of the Commission “Solar Radiation and Structure” is defined as “quiet-Sun” studies to distinguish these from the impulsive solar activity covered by the Commission E2, although there are close interconnections between these two major parts of heliophysics and the two Commissions keep close collaboration within the framework of Division E, to ensure exchange of relevant information, promote connections and avoid redundancy.


Natalie Krivova


Alexander Kosovichev


Nicolas Labrosse

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