Commission A2 WG Consistent Realization of TRF, CRF and EOP


Following various resolutions related to the global reference frames and to the EOP, the main objectives of this joint WG (IAU-IAG-IERS) are to:

  • compute multi-technique CRF-TRF solutions together with EOP in one step, which will serve as a basis to
  • quantify the consistency of the current conventional reference frames and EOP as well as to
  • assess the consistency of reprocessed and predicted EOP.

The joint working group will further

  • investigate the impact of different analysis options, model choices and combination strategies on the consistency between TRF, CRF, and EOP,
  • study the differences between multi-technique and VLBI-only solutions,
  • study the possible contributions to EOP and frame determination by the LLR technique,
  • study the differences between EOP derived by VLBI solutions at different radio wavelengths in cooperation with the IAU Division A WG Multi-waveband Realisations of International Celestial Reference System,
  • study the differences between EOP derived by VLBI solutions improved through Gaia (optical) data in cooperation with the proposed IAU Division A WG on VLBI – Gaia topics,
  • study the effects on the results, when different data time spans are considered,
  • compare the practically achievable consistency with the quality requirements deployed by IAG GGOS; and
  • derive conclusions about future observing systems or analysis procedures in case the quality requirements cannot be met with the current infrastructure and approaches.

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Commission A2 Rotation of the Earth

Robert Heinkelmann

Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum
14473 Potsdam

Email 1: heinkelmanngfz-potsdamde
Email 2: robertheinkelmanngfz-potsdamde
Organization website:

NCA adherence: Germany

Last updated:
April 16, 2020

Manuela Seitz

Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut of the TU Munich (DGFI-TUM)
Arcisstr. 21
80333 Munich

Phone: +49 89230311294
Email: manuelaseitztumde
Organization website:

NCA adherence: Germany

Last updated:
April 14, 2020

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