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Non-GA Symposia

LoI 2019-2005

Title Regional Science and Data Centres for Global Astronomical Facilities
Location Perth
Country Australia
Dates 11 November 2019 to 15 November 2019
Contact Wicenec Andreas (andreas.wicenec@icrar.org)

LoI 2019-1993

Title White dwarfs as probes of fundamental physics and tracers of planetary, stellar and galactic evolution
Location Big Island, Hawaii
Country United States
Dates 21 October 2019 to 26 October 2019
Contact Martin Barstow (mab@le.ac.uk)

LoI 2019-1982

Title Star Clusters: from the Milky Way to the Early Universe
Location Bologna
Country Italy
Dates 24 June 2019 to 28 June 2019
Contact Angela Bragaglia (angela.bragaglia@oabo.inaf.it)

LoI 2019-2009

Title Astronomy Education: Bridging Research & Practice
Location Chile
Country Chile
Dates 24 June 2019 to 28 June 2019
Contact Paulo Bretones (bretones@ufscar.br)

LoI 2019-2007

Title Grand Challenges in Stellar Physics: Pulsating Stars in the Universe
Location Nice
Country France
Dates 14 January 2019 to 18 January 2019
Contact Merieme CHADID (chadid@unice.fr)

LoI 2019-1987

Title The New Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
Location Amsterdam
Country Netherlands
Dates 18 February 2019 to 22 February 2019
Contact Giuseppe Cimo (cimo@jive.eu)

LoI 2019-1996

Title Uncovering early galaxy evolution in the ALMA and JWST era
Location Viana do Castelo
Country Portugal
Dates 17 June 2019 to 21 June 2019
Contact Elisabete da Cunha (elisabete.dacunha@anu.edu.au)

LoI 2019-1990

Title Solar System Astrometry, Dynamics, and Ephemerides
Location Pasadena, CA
Country United States
Dates 25 June 2019 to 29 June 2019
Contact William Folkner (william.m.folkner@jpl.nasa.gov)

LoI 2019-2012

Title Solar Physics in the Next Decade: New Instruments, New Techniques
Location Maui, HI
Country United States
Dates 15 May 2019 to 15 September 2019
Contact Dale Gary (dgary@njit.edu)

LoI 2019-1995

Title The Earth's Time Varying Rotation: A Centennial Celebration
Location Brussels
Country Belgium
Dates 7 October 2019 to 11 October 2019
Contact Richard Gross (Richard.Gross@jpl.nasa.gov)

LoI 2019-1983

Title The interplay between magnetic fields and interstellar matter
Location Nijmegen
Country Netherlands
Dates 10 June 2019 to 14 June 2019
Contact Marijke Haverkorn (m.haverkorn@astro.ru.nl)

LoI 2019-1984

Title The amateur-professional connection in astronomy
Location Shiraz
Country Iran, Islamic Rep of
Dates 27 April 2019 to 2 May 2019
Contact John Hearnshaw (john.hearnshaw@canterbury.ac.nz)

LoI 2019-1989

Title Bayesian Inference in Astronomy
Location Imperial College, London
Country United Kingdom
Dates 21 July 2019 to 26 July 2019
Contact Alan Heavens (a.heavens@imperial.ac.uk)

LoI 2019-2001

Title New wide-area radio surveys enhancing our understanding the structure and evolution of the universe
Location Sydney
Country Australia
Dates 1 July 2019 to 5 July 2019
Contact Aidan Hotan (aidan.hotan@csiro.au)

LoI 2019-2004

Location Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Country Spain
Dates 11 February 2019 to 15 February 2019
Contact Marc HUERTAS-COMPANY (marc.huertas@obspm.fr)

LoI 2019-2013

Title Magnetized Galactic Halos and Feedback
Location Toronto or Kingston
Country Canada
Dates 22 July 2019 to 26 July 2019
Contact Judith Irwin (irwinja@queensu.ca)

LoI 2019-2010

Title Astronomical Polarimetry 2019
Location Hiroshima
Country Japan
Dates 13 May 2019 to 17 May 2019
Contact Koji Kawabata (kawabtkj@hiroshima-u.ac.jp)

LoI 2019-2011

Title RR Lyrae 2019: Frontiers of Classical Pulsators - Theory and Observations
Location Cloudcroft, New Mexico
Country United States
Dates 14 October 2019 to 17 October 2019
Contact Karen Kinemuchi (kinemuchi@apo.nmsu.edu)

LoI 2019-1992

Title Solar and Stellar Magnetic Fields: Origins and Manifestations
Location La Serena
Country Chile
Dates 30 June 2019 to 6 July 2019
Contact Alexander Kosovichev (alexander.g.kosovichev@njit.edu)

LoI 2019-1981

Title Magnetic flux ropes: Generation, emergence, disruption, and transport
Location San Juan
Country Argentina
Dates 30 June 2019 to 5 July 2019
Contact Cristina Mandrini (mandrini@iafe.uba.ar)

LoI 2019-1988

Title Outside-in and Inside-out: The IGM around galaxies and quasars
Location Abbazia di Spineto
Country Italy
Dates 17 June 2019 to 21 June 2019
Contact Avery Meiksin (meiksin@staffmail.ed.ac.uk)

LoI 2019-1986

Title Connecting galaxy scaling relations
Location Copenhagen
Country Denmark
Dates 24 June 2019 to 28 June 2019
Contact Palle Moller (pmoller@eso.org)

LoI 2019-1978

Title The physics and evolution of intermediate mass stars
Location Paris
Country France
Dates 1 July 2019 to 5 January 2019
Contact Richard Monier (Richard.Monier@obspm.fr)

LoI 2019-1985

Title Asteroseismology for Galactic Archaeology
Location Saint-Malo
Country France
Dates 4 November 2019 to 8 November 2019
Contact Benoit Mosser (benoit.mosser@obspm.fr)

LoI 2019-2017

Title New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond
Location Yokohama
Country Japan
Dates 21 October 2019 to 25 October 2019
Contact Tomoharu OKA (tomo@phys.keio.ac.jp)

LoI 2019-2008

Title Galaxy Formation and Cosmology in the era of large surveys
Location Teruel
Country Spain
Dates 17 June 2019 to 21 June 2019
Contact Alvaro Orsi (aaorsi@cefca.es)

LoI 2019-2000

Title Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion -- a roadmap to action within the framework of IAU centennial anniversary
Location National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), Mitaka Campus, Tokyo
Country Japan
Dates 12 November 2019 to 15 November 2019
Contact Amelia Ortiz-Gil (amelia.ortiz@uv.es)

LoI 2019-2002

Title Nuclear Activity in Galaxies Across Cosmic Time
Location Addis Ababa
Country Ethiopia
Dates 11 March 2019 to 15 March 2019
Contact Mirjana Povic (mpovic@iaa.es)

LoI 2019-2015

Title Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Location San Sebastián de La Gomera
Country Spain
Dates 16 September 2019 to 20 September 2019
Contact Pablo Rodríguez-Gil (prguez@iac.es)

LoI 2019-2016

Title Binary Systems: The key chart to understand stellar evolution
Location Cataract Pyramids Hotel
Country Egypt
Dates 9 September 2019 to 13 September 2019
Contact Somaya Saad (saadmhsaad@gmail.com)

LoI 2019-1998

Title Galaxy Assembly: The Emergence of Bars and Bulges
Location IUCAA, Pune, India
Country India
Dates 11 November 2019 to 15 November 2019
Contact Kanak Saha (kanak@iucaa.in)

LoI 2019-1991

Title Laboratory Astrophysics: from Observations to Interpretation
Location Cambridge
Country United Kingdom
Dates 1 April 2019 to 5 April 2019
Contact Farid Salama (farid.salama@nasa.gov)

LoI 2019-1997

Title Galaxy Dynamics in the Gaia Era
Location Shanghai
Country China, Nanjing
Dates 23 June 2019 to 28 June 2019
Contact Juntai Shen (jshen@shao.ac.cn)

LoI 2019-1979

Title The magnetic Sun: Showcasing fundamental physical processes in the Universe
Location Tokyo
Country Japan
Dates 24 September 2019 to 27 September 2019
Contact Toshifumi Shimizu (shimizu@solar.isas.jaxa.jp)

LoI 2019-2003

Title Transport in Star Formation across the Universe
Location Canterbury, Kent, England
Country United Kingdom
Dates 24 June 2019 to 29 June 2019
Contact Michael Smith (m.d.smith@kent.ac.uk)

LoI 2019-2006

Title Galaxy Evolution and Feedback Across Cosmic Time
Location Town of Bento Gonçalves, near Porto Alegre
Country Brazil
Dates 4 March 2019 to 8 March 2019
Contact Thaisa Storchi Bergmann (thaisa@ufrgs.br)

LoI 2019-1994

Title The Space Astrophysics Landscape for the New Decade: Major Missions for the 2020s and Beyond
Location Washington DC region
Country United States
Dates 4 November 2019 to 6 November 2019
Contact Harley Thronson (Harley.A.Thronson@nasa.gov)

LoI 2019-2014

Title The Realm of the Low Surface Brightness Universe
Location Tenerife
Country Spain
Dates 8 July 2019 to 12 July 2019
Contact David Valls-Gabaud (david.valls-gabaud@obspm.fr)

LoI 2019-1999

Title Current and Future Challenges in Astrophysics and Space Science
Location Cairo University
Country Egypt
Dates 10 February 2019 to 17 February 2019
Contact Awad Zainab (zma@sci.cu.edu.eg)

LoI 2019-1980

Title Planet Formation and Evolution: Observations Confront Theories
Location International Conference Center, Nanjing University, Nanjing
Country China, Nanjing
Dates 8 April 2019 to 12 April 2019
Contact Ji-Lin Zhou (zhoujl@nju.edu.cn)


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